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how to become billionaire/rich

Tips About How to Become Rich/Billionaire

Here on this page  you can read some useful tips about how to become rich. Every one want to become rich but majority of people don’t know that how to become rich. In fact its not harder to become rich if some one follow followings tips.

Strong Desire to become rich
You must have a strong desire to become rich as without a strong desire we can not achieve any goal. Strong desire is the first step towards becoming rich. Your desire stimulates you to finds the ways for becoming rich. it urges you to work hard and overcome the difficulties in your way. Remember i am not using the word desire rather you must have strong desire. Their is a hell of difference between desire and strong desire as simple desire take you in the fantasy world while the strong or inner desire will lead you towards your ultimate goal. So first step is to have a strong desire for becoming a billionaire.

Recognize and Admit Your Self Worth
Second step is you must have firm believe on your self that you can achieve your goal by the grace of Almighty Allah. Recognize and admit your self worth. Change the programming of your mind and sub consciousness and give continues suggestion to your subconscious mind that you are capable too to become a rich person. Our subconscious mind is like a tape recorder it will record what ever you will teach it with confidence. Then it will start its own working and will find ways for your success.

I feel sorry for all those writers who are working in different websites and earning money for their employers. These people just don’t know their self worth if some one guides them that they should recognize their self worth these innocent guys will be able to launch their own websites. Make sure that Almighty Allah provides level playing field to every one and he has gifted every one with some unique qualities. We just need to find and polish our hidden in built talent.

Continue Hard Work
Hard work is the ultimate result of strong desire as if you have a strong thrust for any thing then you will definitely work hard for that purpose. But you should work according to some proper plan. Remember some times hard work pays in long run but it definitely pays.

Beware of Disappointment
Disappointment is the worst hurdle in your way as it will affect your nerves, commitment and confidence level. So beware of disappointment as in Islam disappointment is forbidden too.

Take Calculated Risks
You will have to take risks to achieve your goal but these risks should be calculated and you must have plan B for managing the loss in case of any miss happening . Taking risks is an healthy habit as you in case of loss you will learn some lesson that will increase your experience and risk facing ability. These lessons and experiences will take your near to your final destination.

Take Divine Help
Yes you can take divine help for becoming rich and its not harder to get divine help if you set some positive and higher goal in your life. If you want to become rich not just for yourself alone and you have some plan for helping the others then your efforts will be supported by Almighty Allah.  So perform all your responsibilities and  set some higher and positive goal in your life for seeking divine help.We shall continue to write articles in our self help category about how to become rich. Stay in touch with our website and its face book page for having different unique ideas about how to become billionaire/rich.

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