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How To Build Career in The Field of Computer Science or IT- Super Tips

Career Building Tips in The Field of Information Technology (IT) & Computer Science

If you have got a degree in computer science/IT and now seeking career guidance then fortunately now you have reached on best career counseling website. Today we shall guide you about how to build your career in the field of computer science or IT (Information Technology).

IT (Information Technology) & Computer Science

How To Build Career in The Field of Computer Science or IT- Super Tips

Computer Science is a ever changing field and you need to remain in the field through out your career otherwise you will left behind. My first courses in this field were Web Development (WordPress & Blogger) and SEO and i was surprised to see a my class fellow who was a BCS degree holder. On my query he replied that after BCS he entered in his family business and due to heavy loss in business, he again entered in the field of information technology. He has forgotten all the concepts of PHP programming and now he was starting again from wordpress.

How To Get Success in The Field of IT (Information Technology) or Computer Science-Golden Tips  

My own younger brother is an ASP software engineer and he also entered in the business of stock exchange, we lost about 1 million rupees due to sudden stock market crash. When my brother entered in the field after two years, he was surprised to know that all IT (Information Technology) work had transferred to web application from desktop application. He had to get admission in a refresher course of 4 months, but by the grace of Almighty Allah now he is earning handsome money. So my dear brother you can not afford a gap in the field of IT(Information Technology) and computer science.

Experience and expertise matter more in the field of computer science and information technology rather than degree. Your college name and degree can win a job form you in initial stage of your career but later on your promotion will depend upon your expertise and experience. We recommend that you should try to get internship during your study period. Believe me that getting an internship is very easy for computer science students than the students of any other study stream. Even offers internship offer to IT (Information Technology) students. This practical experience will add a star in your profile. Accept your first job and do not bother about salary as in the initial years of career you focus should be just on earning experience rather than on earning money.

I know many successful developers who don’t have even any degree in software engineering, still they are earning handsome money on the basis of their expertise and short courses in PHP, ASP.Net and Web Development. I got the training of web development from a software house. That software house was training the students for providing them job in its different projects. I do not work even for a day in that software house after completion of course. They offered me 5 figure salary immediately after the completion of course but i was committed with my dream of launching my own websites. Now our company is competing that software house in just about 2 years, so brothers your passion and interest in your field also matters a lot in the field of IT (Information Technology) and computer science.

Its a dry field for ordinary person and at the same time most interesting subjects for those students who have interest in information and technology. If you do not have interest in IT or computer science then kindly skip this option and if you have joined this field then try to program your mind for taking interest in it.

During your job you should start getting projects from freelancing websites. This practice will make you a self employed person., and are the best freelancing websites.

Your ultimate aim should be to start your own IT company or software house. My brother first trained me and now we are also going to launch our own software house. He is going to become CEO of a software house just after three years of practical experience. Our this website has been made on wordpress but our new online testing website is an ASP.Net website.You guys may also do it, if you will make it ultimate aim our life. Remember you can become rich with a job of fixed salary, you will have to think out of the box for this purpose. More than 90% millionaires of the world are businessmen.

You must get all the online papers of your field. This will not only give you confidence but also help you in excelling from your colleagues.

During your job you must try to get maximum knowledge about other related branches of your company like HR, Finance and specially marketing. IT and management is a deadly combination so if sky is your limit in life then try to get degree (MBA) or diploma in business management. You must have good brotherly relations with the your colleagues of marketing, SEO, Finance and HR field. These contacts will be your future assets,

Always stay in a company at least for one year. Never cut off with your ex colleagues. Add them on your social accounts. Monthly gathering is also recommended for exchange of views and experiences.

Make a team for like minded friends for your future plans. Last but not least visit best educational and career counseling website under the sky for further individual guidance about IT (Information Technology ) & computer science. We hope that after visiting our FB page you will love to like it.

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