How to Choose and Register a Domain Name



Nitch Selection
You need to select a domain for your website first. For selecting a domain you need to decide the nitch(topic, subject or category) of your domain. You can launch a website on any topic such as news, sports, fashion, health, education, technology, general tips and many more. You can select either  broader or narrow nitch. For example education is a broader nitch and admission, results, educational news, and model papers are narrow nitches. For a starter  it is recommended to select a narrow nitch. Domains are sold minimum for one year period but PK domains are sold for two years period.

Domain extensions
There are several domains extensions available such as .com, .net, .org, .me, .info, .pk,,, and many others. First of all you should try to get domain in .com which is considered top level seo friendly domain. It does not mean that other domains are not seo friendly. If you are going to build a site for your organization then you should go for .org and if your site is technology related then .net will be suitable for you. If you are launching a site for your educational institution then you should get .edu domain. But these are not hard and fast rules.

PK domains
All pk domains are local domains which indicate that your website is country based and belong to Pakistan. If you are going to target Pakistani customers then PK domains extensions will be suitable for you but if you want to target whole world then avoid pk domains.
Keep following things in mind while selecting a domain name.
1-Brand name
Select a brand able domain name. Never go for generic names. Brands have their own power.
Short and to the point domain names will benefit you more then long and confusing domain names.So domain names should be attractive and short as short domain names are easy to remember.
3-Primary key word
Your domain should contain primary key word of your website.

Domain Name

Getting ideas about domain name
Their are different site available on internet for getting ideas about domain names. Search those sites on Google and select a best possible domain name for your website. This is a one time exercise that will benefit you for ever.

Purchasing a domain
You can buy the domain name from the following top level domain registrars
You can buy the domain through paypal or credit card. Its better to buy domain through your credit card as paypal services are not available in Pakistan and people open fake paypall accounts which is not a good practice. Never buy a domain through any other person. You can buy PK domains through cheque too and i also recommend this mode of payment for buying PK domains.

Free domains
You can also get free domains from number of websites. is the best site for getting free domain names. But you should use these free domains just for practice purposes. Free domains are not recommended for any commercial purposes.

Step by step procedure
1-Decide the nitch of your site.
2-Chose the domain name.3-Decide about domain extension.
4-Check the availability of domain and buy domain from a reputable company.
5-If you already have hosting then run the domain on that otherwise ask the domain registrar company to park the domain and buy hosting from a top level hosting company like Hostgattor, Blue host, I page, Web souls or Peak hosting.
6-Configure hosting with domain and launch your site.

Earn money through selling domains
You can also earn money through buying and selling of domains. For this purpose you can become reseller of any domain registrar company. It is a growing business in Pakistan and we shall write a complete step by step article on this topic soon.You can ask any question regarding the topic in the comment section below this article, we will feel pleasure to help you.

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