How to Clear Bar Council Entry Test in Pakistan? Top Ten Tips

How to Pass Punjab Bar Council Entry Test & Law GAT in Pakistan? Top Ten Super Tips
After the clearing the LLB you have to get license to practice from provincial bar council. Pakistan bar council register the fresh law graduate while provincial bar council give them license to practice as a lawyer. After that law graduate get the license of practice from the his/her concerned district bar council. After two years he get the license of practice in high court from high court bar council of his/her province.

How to Clear Bar Council Entry Test in Pakistan? Top Ten Tips


How to Clear Bar Council Entry Test in Pakistan? Top Ten Tips

Some year before a committee of provincial bar council used to take the interview of fresh law graduates for granting them license to practice. But now provincial bar councils take entry test for the same purpose. In the beginning NTS was assigned by provincial bar councils to conduct the entry test law GAT. Now Punjab Bar Council is taking its entry test while some other bar councils like Sindh Bar Council is still depending on NTS for law GAT entry test.

Tips & Tricks For Clearing The Bar Council Entry Test or Law GAT
1-Provincial bar councils publish guide for preparation of bar councils entry test. Majority of questions in entry test are included from this booklet. You can get the booklet from office of Punjab Bar Council. Prepare the booklet throughly.

2-Get the help of past papers for having idea about expected pattern of entry test.

3-Model papers are also available on internet. Solve them too kindly.

4-Get the help of senior lawyers for guidance. You should have good command over important sections of PPC, CPC, law of contract, evidence act etc.

5-Guides about bar council entry test are also available in the market. You should buy them too.

6-Generally majority of entry test paper consists of MCQs, some subjective type questions can also be included in the paper.

7-Start your preparation right after last paper of LLB. Never take bar council entry test easy. Overconfidence will lead you nowhere. Remember that Urdu medium students should know the English translation of all legal terms.

8-Spend majority of your time in courts or bar library. In bar room or bar library take part in group discussion with your follow fresh law graduates for preparation of bar council entry test.

9-Attempt the paper with full confidence. Manage the time wisely and attempt the easy questions first. Tick the right answer after reading the statement twice.

10-You must not learn by heart any definition or clause of law. First clear your concepts about all major topics of syllabus.
Last but not least you will be asked some confusing but actually easy questions. You don’t need to be panic. Read the question twice for understanding it. Hopefully you would like our article on how to clear bar council entry test in Pakistan, if yes then visit and like our facebook page too.

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