How To Clear Different Kinds of Psychological Tests ? Tips

Super Tips About Clearing Various  Kinds of Psychological Tests ? Super Tips
Almost every one of us have to appear in different kinds of psychological tests in our career. Psychological test is also known as intelligence, personality and aptitude test. We have to clear psychological tests before getting any gazetted job through competitive exam. psychological tests are taken in ISSB, PMS, PCS and CSS exams too. Psychological tests are also integral part of departmental recruitment tests of many public and private organizations.

There are large number of educational institutions which take aptitude/psychological test as entrance exam. But question arises that how to clear clear different types of psychological tests. In this article we shall share some tips with you for preparation of various kinds of intelligence exams. Even many intelligent students can not get through a personality exams due to lack of proper knowledge. I have a dream of developing a unique website for this purpose. I am working on it and need your prayers to help you. Basically an aptitude exam is developed to uncover your hidden personality.
Usually following kinds of questions are asked in a typical psychological test;

How To Clear Different Kinds of Psychological Tests ? Tips

How To Clear Different Kinds of Psychological Tests ? Tips

Mathematical equations
Paragraph or story writing about a picture
Sentence story writing
Sequence guessing about number and alphabets
Paragraph writing about a given subject or topic of your choice.
Completion of the sentences
Word association
Writing a logical sentence about different words
True false
Fill in the blanks

Many departments and educational institutions provide model tests. First of all read these model test for having an idea about expected format of psychological test. Many websites have provided online psychological tests facility too. You must visit such websites for practice purpose. Some times no sample test is provided by any organization, in such a case you should buy some hand book on this topic. You may also practice general psychological tests on internet. If a book is not available in market for any specific psychology test then buy some general books for this purpose. Practice makes a man perfect. By practicing different general psychological tests your confidence level will certainly be improved.

You should also make a list about your personal likes and dislikes as usually majority of questions are asked to watch your first reaction in a crisis situation. Make a list of moderate type of reactions in different complex situations. This practice will help you in facing the interviewer or replying such questions in a paper based test. Always remember that you are not a super man or so your answers should be moderate type. It is also possible that same question will be asked in different angle or words so concentrate on wording and inner meanings. A person with weak nerves can never pass a psychology test as here your nerves are tested. So remain calm and relaxed. Usually the first answer which comes in our mind is the right answer. Read/listen the questions carefully for getting an idea that what is being tested in that question.

You will also have to improve your English writing, speaking and listening skills as almost all the psychological tests are taken in English.
Always speak the truth and never hide any thing before the interviewer as they can judge it easily due to their experience.

Read Multiple Choice Questions and their options carefully, if you are 100% sure about the right option even then read all the options before answering. In case, you have no idea about the right option then read the question again and use your common sense. If negative marking is will be applied then avoid guessing. Time management is also very important so keep this thing in mind.Last but not least a person with loser’s approach can never clear a psychology test. So always remain calm and confident. Visit our interview category too. Visit the best website on internet daily for reading tips on different topics.


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