How To Clear NTS GAT Test (General)? 20 Super Tips

NTS GAT General Test- Pattern, Format & Preparation Tips  
Graduate Assessment Test commonly known as GAT general test is required by majority of Pakistan universities for admission in MS/MPhil. It is a prerequisite for many foreign scholarships by HEC. National Testing Service (NTS) conducts the GAT general test test many time in a year as per its pre announced schedule. You may read all the details about format pattern, and preparation tips of NTS GAT general test on this page.

How To Clear NTS GAT Test (General)? 20 Super Tips

How To Clear NTS GAT Test (General)? 20 Super Tips


GAT General Test – 20 Golden Tips 

1-First of all learn the basic principle about the working of your subconscious mind. Remember that if you think that any thing is difficult then your subconscious mind will make it difficult for you. If you think that you are unable to clear any exam then your subconscious mind will make it a reality too. Always think positively about your self worth and give auto suggestions to your inner self that by the grace of Almighty Allah you can do any thing in the life with little effort.

2-NTS has not published any official book for preparation of GAT test but many books are available in market on this topic. You should buy at least one book for practice purpose and for familiarizing your self with the GAT test pattern and format.

3-Basically there are following three part of this exam;

1-Verbal Reasoning
In this section majority of questions will be about following topics;
Synonyms, antonyms, analogies, tenses, part of speech, prefixes, suffixes, comprehension, sentence completion etc
You should read English short stories and novels for improving your English. Read English newspapers and solve crossword puzzles for improving your vocabulary. There is no short cut of preparation for this section. You will have to do continuous practice for clearing the English portion.

2-Quantitative Reasoning
Just prepare the basic concepts of school level mathematics books for the preparation of quantitative reasoning section. You will have to improve your basic concepts about general arithmetic, geometry, algebra and statistics. A normal student can prepare this section with practice of 4 to 8 weeks maximum. Solve the question of elementary level syllabus book related to GAT test curriculum. GAT hand books can also help you in this regard. You should just try to understand the basic mathematical formulas and rules for solving the question based on them.

3-Analytical Reasoning
Majority of mentally dull students fail in this section as it is all about your common sense. As you know that common sense is the most uncommon thing in the world so your primary focus should be on this part. Here again extensive practice is the only solution for you. You should try solve maximum logical and IQ related questions.

4-Its is recommended to attempt the well prepared part of GAT test first.

5–You will have to be very conscious about time management during the GAT test.

6-Do not spend extra time on any question. Leave such questions for the last 20 minutes. You will have to solve 100 questions in 120 minutes. Try to solve each question in one minute otherwise leave it for end.

7–It has been noticed that majority of students spend more time on analytical portion, so attempt this portion in the last.
Students with non-mathematical back ground should not be afraid of quantitative portion as here you will asked mathematical question of below middle class level, so try to solve this part as early as possible.

8–Generally students prefer to solve English part of GAT test first as here neither you need to think a lot nor have to do any calculations.

9-You must be mentally alert at the time of attempting the analytical part of GAT test. It is the most time consuming portion. You should try to understand the situation given in the questions.

10-Never leave a single question unanswered as there is no negative marking for wrong answers. You should make a guess on the basis of your common sense for answering difficult questions.

11-You must read the directions carefully given in test guide so that you may save the time during the test by avoiding to read them again.

12-Enter in the exam center with winning state of mind. You should have full confidence on your preparation and fate, it will boost your confidence and save you from confusion during the exam.

13-Blind memorization will not help you in any section of GAT general test. You will have to open the closed doors of your mind for clearing this exam.

14-GAT test is not a big deal for a confident student who take it as a normal test and spends at least 2 months on its preparation. It is recommended that you must start the preparation for GAT general test in last semester of BS or MA/MSc. There is no need of attending coaching classes for this purpose.

15-Try to solve at least 10 home tests daily. Also try to understand the logic behind each and every question.It is the best key for success in NTS GAT general test.

16-Learn the art of intelligent guessing. You may master the art of intelligent guessing by understanding the concepts, improving your common sense and through extensive practice.

17-Past papers and model papers are best resources for preparation of NTS GAT test. We have written some detailed articles on utilization of past papers and model papers. You must read these articles too.

18-During preparation your emphasis should be on your weak area. Attempt maximum questions and sample papers related to this area.

19-Remember that students with passion and commitment can doe wonders in their life. Are you too a member of this great club? If not then please join it today.

20-We are going to provide big data base of GAT test questions on our sister online testing website for online preparation..
You may also get information about NTS GAT general test schedule, roll number slips & result from our website. Hopefully you will like above given super tips and like to visit daily for guidance about different NTS tests. Visit our facebook page just once as we are sure that you will like it too.

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