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How To Clear NTS GAT Test (Subject)? Format & Preparation Tips

How To Clear NTS GAT Subject Test ? Pattern & Super Tips
The Graduate Assessment Test GAT-Subject is prerequisite for admission in Ph.D programs in majority of Pakistani universities. National testing service, commonly known as NTS conducts GAT test (Subject) several times in a year as per its pre announced schedule. Its a mandatory test for some HEC foreign PhD scholarships too. Result of GAT test (Subject) remains valid just for 2 years. Today in this article we are going to share details about format, pattern and preparation tips of NTS GAT subject test. You are advised to read the tips given below very carefully for success in GAT test (Subject).

How To Clear NTS GAT Test (Subject)? Format & Preparation Tips

How To Clear NTS GAT Test (Subject)? Format & Preparation Tips

Super Tips About NTS GAT Subject Test

In my personal opinion GAT subject test is much easier than GAT general test.You may easily clear it if you have good knowledge about your subject.
There are two sections of GAT subject test i.e general section and subject section.
30% questions are asked about general section and 70% questions are asked about subject questions.
Distribution of general section is as follow;
English (Verbal) = 15%
Analytical Reasoning = 15%

Subject Section
First of all try to clear the basic concepts about your subject. Fortunately NTS can help you in this regard. NTS has given the detailed paper distribution of subject section of GAT test (subject) for different subjects on its official website i.e . It will help you a lot in your preparation of subject section. Generally Master level questions are asked in subject part of GAT test (Subject). You should download the details about paper distribution of subject section of GAT test (subject) of your subject for step by step preparation of this section.

English (Verbal) Section
English portion contains language questions related to grammar and vocabulary like;
Sentence Completion
Parts of speech
General Grammar
Its a very important part for students with Urdu medium background. Try to prepare this part in natural way. I want to say that you should try to read maximum essays, short stories and novels of English literature. There is no need of memorizing the dictionary. You should also read the basics of English grammar only for academic study.

Analytical Reasoning Section
Generally scenario based and statement based questions are asked in analytical reasoning section. This sections will test your common sense and IQ level. Book worms can not clear this portion easily. You will have to learn the art of out of the box thinking for getting good marks in this portion. Analytical questions are asked just to test the analytical skills of students. Student’s ability to analyze a given situation, scenario or statement is measured through such questions. Students are given some unusual scenarios, statements or a situations in a form of a paragraph, tables or set of facts and they are asked question about various aspects of them to test their analytical reasoning ability. Situation and problem handling ability of student is also checked through these questions. Without great logical approach and out of the box thinking ability, you can not solve such questions.

Very Important Note About NTS GAT Subject Test-For some general tips about GAT test, you must read our article “How to Clear NTS GAT Test (General)? 20 Super Tips“.
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