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How to Clear PMDC NEB Exam For Foreign Graduates? Top 20 Super Tips

How to Successfully Clear the PMDC NEB Exam for Foreign Medical & Dental Graduates? Valuable Tips
If you are a foreign medical or dental graduate who planning to practice medicine in Pakistan, then you must have the necessary qualifications including clearing the PMDC NEB (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council National Examination Board) exam. This comprehensive exam ensures that foreign medical or dental graduates meet the standards set by the council, which enable them to contribute to the health care sector in Pakistan.


How To

How to Clear PMDC NEB Exam For Foreign Graduates? Top 20 Super Tips



In this informative article by, we shall provide you with valuable tips on how to clear the PM & DC NEB exam with confidence & achieve your goal of becoming a licensed medical professional in Pakistan. We have also written a post on syllabus & paper format of PMDC NEB exam.



1. Familiarize Yourself with the NEB Exam Format & Pattern:

Begin your journey by thoroughly understanding the NEB exam format. The PMDC NEB exam is a computer-based test that comprises both multiple-choice questions (MCQs) & clinical reasoning questions. Dive into the official resources & materials to get a clear idea of the topics, structure & weightage of each section. By understanding the exam format, you can streamline your preparation accordingly.



2. Plan Your Preparation:

Developing a robust study plan is essential for success in any examination. Create a timetable that allows you to allocate dedicated time for each subject and topic. Divide your study sessions strategically for ensuring that you cover all the necessary areas of the officially announced syllabus. Consider using study aids such as textbooks, question banks & online resources to enhance your understanding and proficiency. Even i have seen set of 7000 MCQs being sold on for preparation of NEB test in just 900 rupees, but there are lot of free online resources are also available.



3.Prioritize High-Yield Topics:

While reviewing the vast syllabus, it’s crucial to identify high-yield topics that are more likely to appear in the NEB exam. Familiarize yourself with the past exam papers, frequently asked questions & subject-wise weightage. By prioritizing these areas, you can maximize your chances of scoring well and clearing the PMDC NEB exam.



4. Seek Study Group/Peer Support :

Don’t underestimate the power of collaboration & peer support. Joining a study group or connecting with fellow foreign graduates preparing for the PMDC NEB exam can be highly beneficial. Discussing complex topics, sharing notes and engaging in group discussions will not only reinforce your understanding but also stimulate your critical thinking skills .



5. Practice Regularly with Mock Tests;

Mock tests play a pivotal role in exam preparation. You must regularly attempt mock tests to assess your knowledge & identify areas that require improvement. Analyze your performance, understand the reasoning behind the correct answers and work on your weak areas accordingly. Mock tests not only help you manage time but also increase your confidence level before the actual exam ..



6. Revision is Key:

Ensure ample time for revision in your study plan. Revision helps consolidate concepts & improve retention. Review past notes, solve practice questions and revisit high-yield topics during your revision phase. Make use of flashcards, mind maps & mnemonic techniques to facilitate effective recall;



8. Stay Positive and Manage Stress:

Maintaining a positive mindset & managing exam-related stress is crucial for success. You should take care of your physical and mental well-being by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Engage in regular exercise, practice stress-relieving techniques like meditation or deep breathing & get enough sleep to stay refreshed and focused during your preparation & on the exam day,.



9. Practice Clinical Subjects:

You should identify the core subjects that constitute a significant portion of the PM&DC NEB exam. Subjects for example Medicine, Surgery, Community Medicine, Gynecology, Pediatrics & Obstetrics often carry more weightage. So you must dedicate ample time to thoroughly understand these subjects & revise them regularly.


10. Practice Previous Years’ Questions:

An effective strategy is to practice previous years’ question papers to familiarize yourself with the exam’s style, imported most repeated questions & improve time management skills. Analyze the patterns & types of questions asked in the past and work on developing effective answering techniques.



11. Enhance Your Clinical Skills:

To excel in the clinical component of the PMDC NEB test kindly focus on strengthening your practical skills. Gain hands-on experience through clinical attachments or internships. Practice patient examination, history taking & clinical case presentations to enhance your confidence and proficiency.



12. Seek Guidance from Mentors:

Connect with mentors who have already cleared the PMDC NEB exam or professionals who are well-versed in the Pakistani medical system. Their professional guidance can provide valuable insights & help you overcome any hurdles you may face during the exam preparation.



13. Stay Updated with Recent Medical Developments:

The field of medicine and dentistry are constantly evolving & it is important to stay updated with the latest developments.. Keep yourself informed about recent medical advancements , clinical guidelines & research findings. This knowledge will not only help in the exam but also in your future medical practice .



14. Review and Analyze:

After taking practice tests or mock exams, thoroughly review your answers, whether correct or incorrect. Understand the reasoning behind each answer to improve your knowledge.



15. Focus on Basics:

Since the NEB exam is comprehensive so plz try to focus on building a strong foundation in each subject. Applicants should master the basics before diving into more complex topics. Your medical concept should be clear as its key to get success in any MCQs type exam including NEB test.


16. Focus on Basic Sciences:

The PM&DC NEB exam often includes questions from basic medical sciences so ensure you have a strong foundation in subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Pharmacology & Microbiology.



17. Join Study Groups:

Form or join study groups with fellow NEB exam takers. Discussing complex topics & sharing knowledge can enhance your understanding and retention of information. These groups are also avialable online like on social platforms eg Whatsapp, FB, etc. You should also join related online forums.



18. Stay Calm on Exam Day:

On the day of the test, stay calm & composed. Panic can affect your performance negatively. Take a few deep breaths before starting and read each MCQ carefully.



19. Answer Strategically:

If you encounter a difficult question, eliminate obviously incorrect options & make an educated guess if necessary. Don’t spend too much time on 1 question.



20. Review Before Submitting:

If time allows, review your answers before submitting the exam. Check for any mistakes or questions you might have missed.




The PMDC NEB exam can be challenging for foreign dental and medical graduates, but with the right approach, dedication & strategic planning, success is indeed achievable. By following these valuable tips, you will be well-prepared to clear the PM&DC NEB exam and pursue your passion for practicing medicine in Pakistan. Embrace this opportunity, stay focused and remember that your hard work will pay off as you embark on a fulfilling medical career in Pakistan.



Q 1-Which authority conduct the NEB exam in Pakistan?

Ans-PMDC is responsible to conducte the NEB exam in Pakistan twice in a year.

Q 2-What is the passing percentage in NEB test?

Ans-Just 50%

Q 3-Is NEB a paper based test?

Ans-No PMDC NEB exam is an computer based MCQs type test.