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How to Conduct Panel Discussions? Tips in English & Urdu

What is a Panel Discussion & How to Organize a Panel Discussion? Super Tips in Urdu and English 

The main question which probably hit so many minds is that what is meant by panel discussion. It is basically a small piece of discussion which is initially concerned about the TV group. A group of viewers will assemble themselves to give away the feedback to the producers on that show.


For instance we can also say that it is basically a group of those politicians who are holding an open set of discussion and also invite the public to come up with some of their concerns and questions.
The main purpose of the panel discussion is to spark up the whole conversation which takes place between the group of experts or two industries. In short, it is all about to discuss something in public or in open meetings. Lets read the super tips;


Super Tips About Conduction Panel Discussions


Select the Panelist Experts
In order to perform the panel discussion it is important to select the panel experts who are professional and experienced in this field. You can shortlist the experienced people from different departments or sectors who have a high knowledge about that specific topic. Collect information about the experts and get an idea about their expertise skills and how many conferences they have attended already.


Choose the Topic Wisely
The next important element is to choose the topic wisely. Before you choose the topic make sure that it is current problem and is already part of that industry. You should never choose the topic which is already discussed in the panel before. Make sure you have a deep knowledge about the topic you have selected.


Let the Moderator Meet the Panelists
Letting the panelist meet the moderator before the start of panel discussion is considered to be an important element. This will help all the members to know the behavior and personality traits of one another in terms of discussion. You can even get an idea about what sort of tone and language the second person can use in the discussion.


Select the Experienced Moderator
For the selection of the moderator, you need to be little careful and conscious. It is not vital to choose a moderator which is already having an experience to discuss the panel topic. A professional and best moderator is the one who act as the guidance and role model for rest of the members.


Preparation of Questions
If your selected moderator is having enough experience over the topic of panel discussion, then it will become so much easy for you to arrange the questions set. Make sure that the set of questions are clear and to the point based on the topic.


Arrangement of Panel Room
Arrangement of the panel room will always leave a lasting impression for the panel team to get more energetic and motivated in terms of participation. Plus, you should have the audience be seated near to the moderator so they can equally participate and ask questions.


Start the Discussion
The last step is to start the discussion! Once you are finally sure of the fact that all the panel discussion arrangements have been made, now this is the right time when you should start the panel discussion. It has to be simple and should be done in the mannerism of code of ethics. You should be confident much whole explaining all the facts and answering all the questions.


Conclusion and Final Tips

Last but not least Introduction of participants should be short. Audience should be given a chance to participate in panel discussion. Always follow the theme and prepare your questions before the panel discussion.Below tips on panel discussion have been given in Urdu language;


How to Conduct Panel Discussions? Tips in English & Urdu

What Is a Panel Discussion