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How To Contact Sare Aam or Iqrar ul Hassan? Join Sar e Aam Team

How To Contact Team Sar e Aam or Iqrar ul Hassan? Join Hands With Sare Aam Team
Sare aam is the most famous program of ARY tv channel. Iqrar ul Hassan is the anchor person of this program. Sare Aam has become an agent of change in the society. It is working against social evils like black marketing, bribery, nepotism, corruption, smuggling, black marketing, yellow journalism, yellow journalism, street crimes, human trafficking, fraud, crimes, sexual abuse, domestic violence, child labor, favoritism, child abuse etc. Team Sare Aam has helped lot of people in their personal problems too. Iqrar ul Hassan has become a popular figure in Pakistan. Now Sare aam has become an movement.

How To Join Sare Aam Team

Sare Aam Contact Number
As per official fb page of sare aam team their contact number is 0312 2672606. Link of this fb page has also been given below, you may also contact Sar e Aam team through messenger. In 100th program of Sare Aam 0321-222-999-5 number was given. Proof we have given on this page in image format.

Sare Aam Email ID
You may contact Iqrar ul Hasan and Sare aam team by sending email on following official email ID.

Official Websites
There are 2 official websites of team sar e aam and Iqrar ul Hassan. Here below we have given the links of these 2 official portals.

Online Contact Form
You may also contact Sar e aam team and Iqrar ul Hassan through the online form. Link of this form has been given below. Through the same link you may also become janbaz of Sare aam. Janbaz means honorary member of sar e aam team. You will be issued official card, t shirt and cap too after registration. I have too joined team sare aam. Now its your turn to join this prestigious club of patriot Pakistanis.

Click Here To Contact Iqrar ul Hassan or To Join Team Sare Aam Through Online Form

How To Contact Sare Aam or Iqrar ul Hassan Through Social Media?
Sare aam and Iqrar ul Hassan have following official social media accounts on facebook, twitter, instagram and youtube. You may use them for contacting team Sare Aam or Iqrar ul Hassan.

Contact Sare Aam or Iqrar ul Hassan Through Through ARY News
Sare Aam is a program of ARY news and Iqrar ul Hassan is also an employee of this channel, so you may contact both through following contact details of ARY news.
Postal Address-ARY Communications
6th Floor, Madina City Mall
Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar
Karachi, Sindh Pakistan
Phone Number- +92-21-111-279-111, +92-21-431-3561
Fax Number- +92-21-431-3565

How To Contact Sare Aam or Iqrar ul Hassan? Join Sar e Aam Team

How To Contact Sare Aam or Iqrar ul Hassan? Join Sar e Aam Team