How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation? Tips in Urdu & English

How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation? Step By Step Guide & Tips
If the person wants to get an idea as to how to create a powerpoint presentation, then here are the tips for you. These are easy to understand and easy to apply presentation making tips and recommendations. If you want to work for the corporate sector or you are in the university level studies, then you should know how to make and create a great and amazing powerpoint presentation. Check out the below tips:

Making an Introductory Slide
It is important for you to make an impressive introductory slide. This has to be your great one, choose the title of your presentation, add up and insert appealing image or picture into it. You can even add effects or any kind of animations on to your slides. Go to the top bar option and select the options. You can have flying animation, zig zag animation to be applied on your slides.

Select The Slide Format And Style
Then you have to carefully select the style, text size, format and structure of your powerpoint presentation. Like decide how much text you are going to enter into it, how much will be the quantity of images, are you going to go for the paragraph inserting version or you will add the text in the form of bullets and points.

Clicking On The New Slide Option
Once you will make a single slide, then you have to move on to the new slide option. Go to the home page and click on the new slide button. Then you will see that a new slide has appeared. On this new slide as well, you have to keep the text and font size, keep the structure all same and exact which you have used and applied in your previous slide presentation.

Bullet Or Paragraph Text
Normally it is seen that bullets look impressive while making a powerpoint presentation. If you want to induct paragraphs, then they have to be simple and short. Do not add long and lengthy paragraphs in your PP presentation.

Adding Designs
You can add up different design variations, animations in this Powerpoint file of yours. Your file has to look impressive, so try to bring out and show technical variations in it. Show animations, insert related images, insert charts and tables.

Viewing The Slide Show of Your Presentation
Once you will complete and finish this phase of your presentation making job, then you need to view the slides show as well. This way, you will get an idea what changes you should further make in it. View the slide show completely and keenly and notice whether your presentation has reached to the perfection point or not.

All the readers can keep tuned with us and they will regularly get to know more of the amazing tips and ways of making powerpoint presentations. Let us know how unique and creatively you make these kinds of presentations. Below this page we have given Urdu guide on how to create a powerpoint presentation.

How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation? Tips in Urdu & English

How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation? Tips in Urdu & English

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