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How To Develop The Self Study Habit

How to Develop and Cultivate  The Habit of Self Study

Self study habit is key to success not in one’s academic career but also in practical life. as all self made persons posses this habit. Specially students who want to appear in competitive exams or want to get degree as private candidate or from some distance learning or virtual university must have this habit. Here in this article we shall share some super tips about how to develop the  self study habit.

Super Tips About How To Develop The Self Study Habit

First you must have interest in your subject, if you have chosen wrong subjects then you must try to program you mind. Once you will be able to change your mindset about your field of study, then you can surely master this art. Yes its and art and you can excel from other through this art.

Take interest in general books too and convince your subconscious mind about the benefit of adopting the hobby of book reading. Reading general books will improve your exposure, general knowledge and IQ Level. In later stage you will be able to take interest in the books of your field too.

When your interest develop in any subject then it becomes very easy to read books on that topic. In the beginning you will have to train and compel yourself but later on after some time you will feel pleasure in reading the books on your field.

How To Develop The Self Study Habit


How To Develop The Self Study Habit

Selected studies can also be helpful for you in initial stage. We have written a a guiding article on this topic, which you must read.

Do not learn by heart any thing and try to understand each and every topic. In case of self study you can take the help of internet for understanding any topic, which you are not able to understand yourself.

If you are not confident that you can yourself understand any subject then first you need to remove this misconception or inferiority complex of yourself ,as all of us sons of Adam and no one is inferior to any one. Its just our inferiority complex and weak mind power, which make us realize that we can not do any thing and we need step by step guidance and coaching for every thing.

Believe me that you are sons of centuries and capable of doing any thing, just try once on my personal request. If a human being decides, then no body can compete him and he can overcome all fears and difficulties.I often say to my students that never challenge any body as human brain is such a super machine that it can plan and implement any impossible task. In Pakistan even position holders of F.Sc Pre Medical and F.Sc Pre Engineering take the classes of for entry test preparation just because of lack of self confidence. Same is the position of candidates of competitive exams.

Private tuition and coaching are worse enemy of self study habit and self confidence. So try to avoid them. Parents should try to cultivate the habit of self study in their children from very beginning by appreciating them on their self work. Appreciation and successes can change your child’s behavior and mindset.
Your subconscious control your mind and you can train it by self programming and giving your self continuous self suggestions.

If you feel any difficulty in developing the habit of self study, you can contact our team of Psychologists, who are at your disposal round the clock. Stay in touch with, us if your really wan to bring positive changes in your life. Visit our self help category regularly for improving your mind power and feel the difference between and other sites as all other sites just publish information but we try to share solutions of your problems.

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