How To Double Your UPS Battery Life in Just 5 Minutes?

How To Repair  Your Old UPS Battery?
Last year my UPS was not working well and i called one of my ex-class fellow of Matriculation, who is running an UPS and batteries shop in one of the renowned markets of Lahore. I told him that i want to change my UPS batteries but he said that batteries lives can be doubled easily. On that very evening he came my home and did a trick with my batteries due to which even after one year (total 3 years) my UPS batteries are working properly. On my personal request he shared the secret of this trick with me. Today we shall share this tip with you in this post.


How To Increase The Life of Your UPS Battery?
How To Increase The Life of Your UPS Battery?
In Pakistan due to heavy load shedding a Battery works for maximum 2 years but now you can double the life of your UPS battery in just five minutes. You just need two buy following two things for it
1-Epsom Salt {Chemical Name Magnesium Sulphate (MgSO4)}. You may buy it from any medical store.
2-Distilled water (Commonly known as Tizab)

Here are three steps through which you can increase the life of your UPS battery.
1-First you need to shutdown your UPS so close it and remove all the wires. Now disconnect the connection of battery and charging station.

2-In the second step remove all the caps of battery cells and make some space in them by dropping some water from them. This space will be filled with our magical solution.

3-Now mix the Epsom salt with equal quantity of distilled water. You may mix one cup of water with one cup of Epsom salt. Basically it depends upon the condition of your batteries, if the cells are completely dead then empty the batteries and and fill the batteries with the above mentioned solution. In this case it will take some days even some weeks in total recovery.

How To Double Your UPS Battery Life in Just 5 Minutes?

How To Double Your UPS Battery Life in Just 5 Minutes?

Important Note- You will have to heat up the mixture for making an homogeneous mixture (Mixing properly). Now pour this solution in all the cells of batteries in equal quantity. You have done the magic but this magic will show the results in minimum 7 days. You just need to start charging your batteries immediately. After about 7 days your batteries will perform in their full capacity. Now you don not need the change the batteries for 2 years more.
Many people are earning money by using this trick. They give ad in newspaper about increasing the life of batteries and charge about 1000 rupees for repairing one battery. Epsom salt can also be purchased from veterinary medical store,chemical store, seed and fertilizer store. Help others by sharing this post with you friends.  Last but not least use this method when you are 100% sure that the defect is in your UPS battery not in your  charging station. Visit our facebook page regularly as we publish super tips about technology in our facebook page too. Like it too in case of finding it unique in nature.




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