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How to Drink Water? Top 20 Tips For All Ages in 2024

How To Drink Water Properly? Step By Step Guide & Top 20 Smart Tips For All Genders
If you are feeling thirst, then you should drink water but the question arises that how to drink water. Today we shall guide you in this regard from A to Z. Water is life and even source of water. No living creature can live without aqua.


Learn How To Drink Water

1-Drink a Glass in 3 Steps

Finish a glass of water in three equal steps. Its a very important precaution for all. It will help you a lot in digesting the aqua.


2-Drink Water in Sitting Position

Never drink aqua while standing or laying on bed.


3-Drink Water While Watching It

Never remove your eyes from glass or bottle while taking aqua for avoiding intake of any contamination.


4-Use Mud Glass & Jug

Mud glass is an ideal pot for drinking water.


5-Cover The Glass

Cover the glass and jug, so that they may remain clean.


Tips-How To

How to Drink Water? Top 20 Tips For All Ages in 2024


6-Never Drink Water Directly From Bottle

Always pour the water into glass as by drinking aqua directly from bottle may cause many health hazards for you.


7-Add Salt

During summer add little bit of salt in the water for avoiding dehydration.


8-Eight Glasses Daily

You must drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Its compulsory even in the winter season. Patients of hypertension and kidney diseases should drink even more glasses.


9-Use Digital Water Bottle

Use digital bottle as it will send alert on your cell phone when you need to sip. It will also keep the temperature constant for 24 hours.


10-Filtered Water

Always use filtered water. Change the cartridge of filter regularly. Always buy filter of a big brand.


11-Warm Water

Drink warm water even in the summer season. It will open the blocked arteries of your heart. This practice is also helpful for reducing weight and blood cholesterol.


12-Cold Water

Cold water is not recommended even in the summer season.


13-Mineral Water

If you can afford then drink mineral water. It will help you in removing the deficiency of essential minerals from your body. Here again you should trust on a famous brand.


14-Boiled Water

If you can not afford to buy filter or mineral water then boil the aqua before using it.


15-Take Small Sips

Take small sips of water for enjoying the process of drinking of aqua.



16-Drink Water Before Meal

You should always drink water before every meal. If you have forget then you may drink it during the meal but never drink aqua after meal as its not good for digestion process.


17-Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are not alternative of water rather they are harmful for your health so avoid using them.


18-One Glass After Passing Urine

Drink one glass of water after passing the urine, specially in the hot season.


19-Start With The Name of Almighty God

Last but not least Muslim should say Bismillah before eating or drinking anything. People of other religions should start with the name of Almighty Allah. Muslims should also know that how they can drink zam zam through out the year. Here we have given the method for you;


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20-How To Drink Enough Water? Tips & Tricks

Flavored Water

You may drink favored water, it will increase your aqua intake a lot.


You should drink at least one glass of milk daily.


Drink juices of seasonal fruits and even vegetable juices. Shakes are also recommended.


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