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How To Earn Money As A Tutor? 30 Super Tips  

Learn To Earn Money As A Tutor 
I have basically one tip for becoming a successful tutor i.e take your profession as your passion. Try to become an ideal tutor. If you will become an ideal tutor then people will run before you. So the first and main tip is preparation, preparation and preparation. In initial stage you need to use some marketing strategies but once you will find your first home tuition then try to follow following tips and tricks. Your reputation as a good tutor will bring more and more home tuition for you. So its the game of intention so earn money should not be your first priority.

30 Super Tips About How To Earn Money Being A Tutor 
1-Try to have a session with your student’s teacher for having an idea about his current position and future objective. Then make a study plan for him/her accordingly.
2-Try to find out the interests of students and use them in while teaching.
3-First sought out the weak areas of student and try to remove his/her difficulties.
4-Do not be impressed with the status of student.
5-Use modern equipment and techniques for teaching like laptop, educational software, online tests etc.
6-Set short and long term goals for student.
7- Take weekly and monthly test to judge the progress of pupil. Review your plan as per the result of tests.
8- Take the student in confidence about your plan and strategy.
9-Stay in touch with parents and explain do not hide any thing from them about their son/daughter’s academic position.
10-Make your personal notes and work sheets.


How To Earn Money As A Tutor? 30 Super Tips

11-Always come with full preparation and allow the students to ask questions.
12- Involve the student in by appreciating him/her.
13-Check the home work daily and mark the mistakes.
14-Explain each and every point and try to clear the concept of your students.
15- Take surprise tests.
16-Never ask the student to learn by heart any topic.
17-Keep the record of students tests and exams with your for future reference.
18-In each session repeat the previous lecture briefly. Then give the introduction of current lecture.
19-Always remain professional but make the lectures interesting.
20-Involve the students by asking questions about the lesson.

How To Earn Money As A Tutor? 30 Super Tips  
21-Establish a brotherly and comfortable atmosphere while keeping a necessary distance with tutee.
22-Try to develop self study habit in your tutee. It will not decrease your income at all.
23-Never do some thing unprofessional and against the status of a tutor. Like discussing private issues or disclosing the tutee’s matters with others.
24- Don’t be discouraged to see the weak academic condition of student and make a practicable plan for his/her improvement. Being a professional tutor you must be prepare to face any situation.
25-Cover the syllabus well before the exams and then start revision and test sessions.
26-Make learning interesting by using modern teaching methodology.
27-Allow the students to express their thoughts and try to boost their confidence by praising their right thoughts.
28-Be patient and punctual.
29-Always ask explanatory questions rather then “yes” and “no” questions.
30-Try to judge that how many information your tutee can digest in a session and do not exceed this limit.
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