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How to Earn Money Online By Writing & Selling Ebooks? 30 Tips

 30 Super Tips in English and Urdu About “How to Earn Money Online Through Writing & Marketing of Ebook”
If you have good creative writing skills or have good knowledge about your field then you may also earn money online by selling ebooks. Do you know that books business has entered in a recession period. Now majority of people love to read ebooks. Ebooks have many benefits. You may read a detailed article in Urdu about history, benefits and importance of ebooks below this page. In this article we are going to share 30 super tips about “How earn money online by writing and selling ebooks”. You must follow this tips for earning money online by creating and selling ebooks.

Learn The Art of Writing Ebooks-30 Golden Tips For Beginners 

1-Write an ebook on a popular topic. You may use google adwards keyword planner for this purpose.

2-Your ebook should neither be too long nor too short.

3-Try to write on a topic related to solutions of different problems.

4-There is no need of explaining all aspects of one topic in a ebook. You must concentrate just on one most demanding aspect of the topic. Save your remaining knowledge about a subject for your next e-book.

5-Use social media for promotion of your ebook. You may also start a blog for this purpose on or blogger.

6-You may sell your ebook on many platforms. You must post your ebook in category where you will have to face minimum competition. Here is the list of some best website for your.
Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing
Kobo Writing Life

7-Its a fact that you may earn much more money through writing an email as compare to publishing an ebook. You may also chose both the options.

8-Remember that better marketing is the key to success in this field. After writing an ebook spend at least one month on its online marketing.

9-Write your e-book after a proper research. Figures facts and statistics must be 100% correct.

10-It is recommended for you that first write for some reputed blogs for getting confidence on your ability to write a detailed ebook.

11-Read ebooks on the same topic before writing your own ebook. This practice will help yu a lot in gathering different ideas.

12-Do revise and proof read your book at least twice.

13-There is no need of bothering about your weak grammar or vocabulary if your ideas are strong to hide your weakness in your writing skills.

14-Price of your first ebook should be reasonable. In the start of your career as an e-writer give maximum affiliate commission to your affiliates.

15-Your online reputation is the key to long term success in this field, so never compromise on it.

16-Your claims about your book should be 100% true. Avoid short cuts given by e marketers. You can get just a temporary success by acting upon their tips.

17-You must learn the art of rewriting. We have written a detailed article on this useful art specially for beginners.

18-Before writing the ebook, write its complete outline, which must contain chapters and outline of chapters too. This exercise will help you a lot.

19-You must create your blog and write on it about your favorite topics. In future you may use these article for compiling your ebook. You may also use your blog for writing review on your ebooks.

20-Get at least 5 testimonials from fiverr for your ebook.

21-You should also take interviews of successful persons. In future you may compile a e-book with the help of these interviews. Many writers are following this method.

22-Title and description of your ebooks must be very very attractive.

23-Cover of your ebook should also be eye catching.

24-You must collect a email list and send emails about your new project to your whole email list.

25-You must record a video trailer about your ebook. Upload it on all video sharing websites. You must also start your on channel on these video sharing websites. Learn the use of Camtasia Studio for this purpose. You may learn the use of this powerful tool in just one day. We shall also write an article on it soon.

26-Guest posts on popular website is also a great marketing technique for you.

27-Create facebook page about your ebooks. Create separate facebook page to fr your each project.

28-Viral blogging is also an option for you. Join groups of writers.

29-Submit your e-book to and other related listing websites for getting free reviews.

30-Last but least always write original new and unique ideas.

Visit and its facebook page for guidance about different methods of earning moneyonline. Wish you best of luck for your career as writer of ebooks.


How to Earn Money Online By Writing & Selling Ebooks? 30 Tips 

How to Earn Money Online By Writing & Selling Ebooks? 30 Tips