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How To Earn Money Online Through Google Adsense ? Approval Tips

Learn To Make Money Online Through Adsense – Complete Guide 

Google adsense is the easiest way of making money online in the whole world. If you have creative writing ability then start a blog. After few months you can apply for google adsense account. In case of approval you will post google ads on your blog, People will click these ads and you will get revenue on each click on the google ads by the visitors of your website. Although there are many other online advertising networks like adhitz, infolinks,, chitika etc but none of these is the true alternative of google adsense. So as a blogger your first aim should be to get google adsense account. You should try to learn the use of google adwards keywords planner for search the costly key words. Try to write articles on costly keywords with maximum searches. It is suggested to write a post on keyword of minimum 500 searches and minimum 5 rupees PPC rate. We shall soon write an detailed article on the Google adwards key words planner.


Many people offer to sell Google adsnese account even for 5$, all these people are fraud. Many people also think that getting a adsense account is near to impossible specially for people of Asia, its also a wrong perception. You can easily get adsense account within four months but you will have to post unique and original content on your blog for this purpose.



How To Earn Money Online Through Google Adsense ? Approval Tips

Ok now discuss the road map, first you should try to learn the use of wordpress/blogger and SEO. These two are prerequisite for making money online through blogging. You can easily learn the web development through wordpress and SEO in just one month. Arqam House of education 342 Shad bagh Lahore is the best place for learning these two arts. Its my own alma mater. I learnt the web development and SEO in this great institution in just one month. Just after one year my website was included in one of the best educational websites of Pakistan but you must have ability to write unique and creative articles about your nitch. You may also start a free blog on blogger but it is recommended only for students and beginners.

It has been noted that due to google updates many bloggers lost their adsense account that’s why it is recommended to come towards affiliate marketing and selling services after some time. You must not put your all eggs in one basket, Use SMO techniques too for increasing the traffic of your website. It is also recommended by the professional bloggers that one should apply for adsense account after posting 40 to 60 posts and attaining at least 1k traffic daily. One of my friend use to say that adsense account is just like opening a petrol pump or gas station but it is only for hard workers.

Try to write interesting articles for Western people as adsense pays more for the clicks from Western countries specially from USA. If you can make interesting videos then you may also use your adsense account on youtube too. If you have ideas in mind then learn the use of camtasia studio too. Its also an easy software and you may master its use too maximum within a month.

Now the question arises that how much money you can earn through adsense, in fact it all depends upon your hard work. Here sky is the limit for you. Creative minded and hardworking persons can earn as much money as they want.  Many people told me that i should apply for adsense account at least after 6 months but my account was approved within 4 months just because of 400 articles, which i posted on site during this duration. You people may also do it. So if your are a house wife, student or an unemployed person and have the creative writing skills then thin about blogging as its the most easy and legitimate way for earning money online for you. I am sure that now its your turn to shine. We are always here to guide you individually about different methods of making money online, so visit our website and its facebook page daily for reading tricks and tips about how to earn money online.