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How To Earn Money Through Buy & Sell Facebook Groups? Tips

How To Earn Money Online on Buy and Sell Groups & Pages? Tips
If you want to earn money online through buy & sell groups/pages of facebook then now you have reached on the right web page. Lot of males and females are earning money online by selling different products and services on buy & sell groups and pages. First of all decide that which product or service you want to sell through facebook buy and sell groups. Now join maximum buy and sell groups.

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How To Earn Money Through Buy & Sell Facebook Groups? Tips

View posts of other persons who are selling the products or services related to that which you want to sell. Watch live videos which are the best mean of selling different products on facebook. Try to copy the techniques of these online sellers. Show your products in live videos on big facebook buy & sell groups. During the video you will receive orders. For your local city get cash on delivery and for orders from out of city ask the customer to send advance payment through easy paisa, jazz cash etc. COD fee is received up to 200 rupees. During the live video ask your any other friend to share your video in other buy and sell groups.

You may also take pictures of your products and share them on different buy & sell groups. Always add a attractive description with all necessary details with your live video or image post. Always reply all the queries in the comments. You may also share pre recoded videos. Try to focus on buy & sell groups of your local area with maximum number of members. Go live with full confidence minimum for 20 to 30 minutes. Timing is very important in this online business, go live when maximum people visit the facebook. Note down that at what time popular sellers come online. You should go live for maximum times in a day. At least come live for four to five times daily.

Never invest large amount initially. Try to sell the products which you may get on loan basis. In Pakistan females are selling dresses, cosmetics, artificial jewellery, shoes and ladies hand bags on these buy & sell groups of Males are selling toys, bed sheets, men’s wear, mobile accessories etc. Take minimum profit in the start at least. You may work on facebook as part time seller too. One of my relative is selling up to 10 to 12 ladies suits daily on facebook groups with 500 rupees profit in each suit. No special qualification or skills are required for this business. You just need to have good communication skills, convincing and engaging power.

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