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How to Earn Money with Software Development? Super Tips

How to Make Money Online with Software Development? Super Tips & Tricks For Beginners  
Now a days software development has become the easiest shortcut for becoming rich. The programs, set of instructions, and other operating information used by a computer or mobile phone for performing any specific task are called software. Basic language of computer is machine language so a specific language is used to communicate between human beings and machine, which is called programming language. Here is the list of some very important and mostly used programming languages;

Software Development


How to Earn Money with Software Development? Super Tips

There are many other programming languages too, but mostly above given programming languages are used for software development.

Now a days softwares are used in all walks of life. Everyone of us is using different softwares in our daily life. Softwares have brought a revolution in our life as they are used in in alarm clocks,calculators, mobile phones, microwave ovens, Internet, websites and different electronic gadgets. Softwares have made our life much easier than before. Mostly software are used in video production, graphic designing, animation and photography.

Students who want to make their career in the field of software development, must opt the subject of computer science in matriculation or O-Level. After that ICS, FSc, Pre Engineering and DIT are best further study options for you in intermediate level. After intermediate go for BSCS. You will be taught about 40 subjects in BS computer science. These subjects will help you in understanding all the aspects of software development. MS or MPhil degrees are recommended for those students who want to join teaching line or interested in foreign immigration. You may also get admission in MCS, PGD diploma or short courses related to software or web designing/development. These short courses or degrees are also very useful for those students who discover their real talent/interest late in their educational career.

Software development is one of the highest paid profession of the world. Sky is the limit for skillful software developer. In this field you will have to stay in touch with the latest developments in your field through out your life.

Although you may start your own business too after getting formal or informal education in software development but it is recommended to work at least for 1 to 2 years in a renowned software house for learning all the aspects of this this business and for having practical experience.

Its very easy to set up your own software development business as initial investment required in this field is very low. You just need following things only.
Secretary or assistant
Two cabin office on rent
Two laptops
Internet connection
Bills of office
Freelance software developers
Website & Facebook page
Advertising budget for initial few months
You may also earn money as an freelancer. You may get orders by bidding on freelance websites like Odesk, Guru, Elance. Upwork, Desgin99 and Freelancer.

Initial pay is 15 to 25 thousands in this field. Its negotiable depending on your skills and experience as an internee.
You will have to work once for developing a software and later on you will be able to earn money through out your life by selling your software. Some times you will have to make some minor changes as per demand of your client. So remember that in this field there is no any fixed cost for developing a software.

There are basically three kinds of software development i.e desktop application development, web software development and mobile phone applications development.

1-Desktop Application Development
Desktop application are developed for desktop computers for example account of any company, pay roll system, school/college/educational institute management system and library management system. Software which you use in your PC or laptop are also desktop applications like microsoft office etc. Generally desktop applications are developed for any specific operating system like windows, Linux and Macintosh OS. You may develop an desktop application for more than one operating system too. Generally ASP.Net, Visual Studio, Java, C and C++ languages are used for desktop development.
You may also develop embedded softwares. Embedded software is used for specific machines like telephone exchange, photocopy machine and printer.

2-Web Application Development
Web applications are those softwares which are used on browsers. These softwares can be used on all types of machines including desktop, tablet and smart phone. These softwares will work in all those machines where browser have been installed. These web application softwares are better than desktop softwares as you may use them in all kinds of machines and operating systems. Dynamic websites hire web application developers for developing any specific application or for modifying any web application. For becoming a web applications developer you will have to learn HTML 5, XML, PHP, ASP.Net, CSS 3, Java Script and SQL.

3-Mobile Application Development
Mobile application developers develop apps for smart phones. Google’s android operating syStem is ruling in this field. You need to have command over Java or C++ for becoming a android apps developer.Apple’s IOS operating system is trying to compete Google in this field which is being used in I Phones ipads and apple TV. For excelling in this field you need to master objective-C. Software developers can also earn money by developing their own websites on different topics. All Software developers must learn SEO techniques too as these techniques are required for success of any website.  Kindly read our following articles too for getting step by step guidance about different methods of making money online.

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