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How to File a Case in Consumer Court?

How to File a Case in Consumer Court Punjab Under Consumer Protection Act ?
Punjab government has established consumer courts in 11 districts of province to protect the rights of consumers. Majority of our Pakistani consumers do not know about their rights. They think that it would be long process to get justice and they will have to pay court fee and lawyers fee too. All theses perceptions are wrong as you can file a complaint against any manufacturer or service provider without paying any court fee and affected consumers can file their claims their self too without hiring the services of any lawyer.

For redress of following grievances consumers can file complaint before competent authority in 11 districts of Punjab:
1-Non issuance of receipt on purchase of anything
2-Non exhibition of price list issued by government
3-Non mentioning of date of manufacturing, expiry or ingredient on any product
4-Sale of substandard and out dated products
5-Non acceptance of warranty
6-Misleading statements in ads or on product ( bait advertisement)
7-Over charging
8-Poor service

Write application on white paper with your name contact details and the issue. Then attach the copy of your CNIC, purchasing receipt and warranty card and send it to DCO/AC/Authority district consumer protection council. Authority will call the service provider or manufacturer for explanation. In case of unsatisfied explanation authority can impose up to 50000 rupees fine on manufacturer or service provider.

You may also file a complaint in consumer court. Remember that in majority of cases parties agree on out of the court settlement after the serving the legal notice. In this case you will have to serve a fifteen day legal notice to the manufacturer or service provider. If provider of defective product(s) or faulty service(s) does not pay you the damages then you may file complaint in consumer court after 15 days. Remember that it is mandatory to serve legal notice through acknowledgement.

Points To Remember About Consumer Protection Act
1-There is no limit for damages in consumer court but damages are given according to sufferings and losses both material and mental.

2-After the arising of cause of action you can file a complaint maximum within the 30 days.

3-Right of appeal is also available under consumer protection laws. Against the order of consumer court you can file appeal in High Court within 30 days of final decision of consumer court. Against the decision of DCO(Authority) you can go before Government (Secretary, Industries, Commerce & Investment) within 30 day of decision by authority.

4-Non professional services like astrology, palmistry do not lie under Consumer Protection Act.

Consumer Court Lahore Address

Consumer court Lahore is situated at 360 Riwaz Garden Lahore.

District Consumer protection council’s office is situated Poonch House Multan Road Chaurburji Lahore. Phone Number 042-99213695.
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How to File a Case in Consumer Court?


How to File a Case in Consumer Court?