How To Find Your Dream Internship in 2022? Top Ten Tips

How To Search An Internship in 2022? Top 10 Tips & Tricks
Internship provides you pre job work experience. It is very important for getting a good job in your field. In foreign countries internships are the part of many hospitality and business management related courses. Students are given credit hours for it. Internship provides the youngster an opportunity to rethink about their career before getting a permanent job. It adds a star in your profile and increases the employment opportunities for you. Now a day no company prefers to hire an inexperienced person. But he million dollars question is that how to get an internship? In this article we shall guide you in this regard. First you need to prepare an impressing internship Curriculum Vitae. An effective resume can win an internship for you at least call for interview.



Many companies launch internship programs. You must make a list of companies of your field and visit their sites for knowing the details about the launching date of their internship programs. Apply in all such companies as per the schedule of their program.



Many companies launch summer internship programs during the vacations. So it is the right time to apply and search.


How To Find Your Dream Internship?

How To Find Your Dream Internship in 2022? Top Ten Tips


Use keys word intelligently in Google for your search. Majority of students rejects the unpaid internship offers. Its a wrong attitude. In the beginning of each profession you have to suffer, which pays you in the long run. So if you some one is offering you an internship without stipend or with little stipend. Do not reject it. At this point of your career, experience matters for you then stipend.
If you do not find an opportunity in your exact field then try in some similar companies which are related to any subject, you have studied in graduation.



Central government of Pakistan and provincial government of Punjab also launch internship programs. You should not miss them as experience in any government institutes matters more than in a private organization.



Many youngster do not apply for contractual jobs. Again its a wrong strategy. Contractual jobs also give you experience so do apply for them too.


Become more social and use your social contacts.


Many organizations and newspapers organize job fairs on regular basis. You must visit these fairs and exhibitions.


Read daily newspapers and visit job website daily. Make your profile in these websites.


At the end of your internship or temporary job get two letters i.e experience letter and letter of recommendation.


Interview preparation is also very important. During the interview if you get any offer, accept it immediately.


Some organizations allow you to build you profile on their websites. For example in Pakistan Geo TV and NLC have provided this facility.You must make your profile in all such companies. Your profile will be saved in their data base and it will be considered at the time of next hiring.


You must visit the companies of your field in person too for submitting your application.


Last but not least visit your own website daily for tips and latest job opportunities.

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