If you are worried about your slim and smart body and want to gain weight quickly, then you are at the right place. We are going to share with you some excellent tips for gaining weight quickly. Gaining weight is much easier than loosing weight you just need to make follow a proper weight gain plan as right combination of food is very necessary to gain weight quickly.


If you are determine to gain weight quickly then you can do it by following the tips given below.
Take light exercise regularly
Always eat balance diet.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily.
Take milk shake specially mango shake, banana shake and dates shake.
Avoid coffee and tea.
Take maximum sleep as it is an easy way of gaining weight. You must take at least 8 hours sleep daily.
Non Muslim should try yoga while Muslims should offer their prayers regularly.
Increase the ratio of carbohydrate, fats and protein in your food.
Almond and all dry fruit are helpful for gaining weight quickly.
Avoid junk and fast food instead take healthy and calories rich food.
Take traditional and healthy breakfast.
Be aware of drugs and narcotics.
Use honey instead of sugar.
Cook your food in butter instead of oil.
Use a calorie diary to make it sure that you are taking the number of calories you need.
Animal fats increase your weight faster than any other thing like butter, cheese, milk and yogurt.
Avoid tension and take every thing lightly.
Watch TV or use internet.
Never slip any meal.
Avoid antibiotics and food supplements. No food supplement can increase your weight. These supplements can increase the weight of sellers only. Key to increase weight lies in your diet so concentrate on making a balanced diet plan for you.
Take four to five meals daily.
If you are suffering with some chronic disease then treat it first and consult your physician for making a diet plan.
Never sleep without taking dinner.
Try to get desk job in your office instead of field job.
Eat at least 500 more calories than your daily need as these extra calories will increase your weight.
Natural sugar is also helpful for gaining weight quickly and best sources of natural sugar are sweet fruits and honey.
Your digestive system should be working effectively.
Take red meat instead of white meat.
If it is possible then drink fresh juices or milk instead of soft (soda) drinks as soft drinks just provide you calories not nutrition.
Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.
Fig and bananas are perfect for gain weight quickly if you eat daily.
Don’t take any food supplement or appetizer. Food supplements just have placebo effects. I can recommend you one homeopathic medicine which has no side effect and very good result i.e Alfalfa Q. Take 10 to 15 drops with little water thrice a day. Kids can take alfalfa syrup. Keep visiting our face book page and website for useful weight gain tips.

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