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How to get a job in bank? Banking Profession

How to Find a job in bank? Banking Career
Banking profession is considered one of the best profession in modern era. Banks play a vital role in the economy of a country. In Pakistan now many government and private banks usually hire the services of National Testing Service for conducting he recruitment test. Some banks take departmental recruitment tests. Thousands of candidates appear in these recruitment tests but only few of them qualify the test due to lack of guidance. Today we shall discuss in detail that how you can get job in bank.

First of all if you are interested in banking profession then you must get your bachelor and master degree in the relevant field e.g B.Com. BBA, M.Com, MBA, MA Economics, MA Human Resource Management, ACCA, CA, CIMA etc. You should also try to get internship in any financial institution during and immediately after completion of our studies. Experience matters a lot specially in financial institutions. I will suggest you even accept unpaid internship offer because internship certificate is more important thing for your future career.

Job in Bank

How to get a job in bank? Banking Profession


Many youngster avoid contractual and temporary jobs in financial institutions, its a wrong approach, you can not climb the stairs in just one step. Contractual job is much better option than internship. Always get experience letter and letter of recommendation after completion of internship or contract. Some banks allow the job seekers to make their profile on their job portals. You must avail this opportunity. Make our profile in all such job portals as our profile will be saved in he daa base of bank and will be considered a the time future hiring.

Now come to the most important point, serious candidates should try to clear JAIBP exam. JAIBP is he abbreviation of Junior Associate of IBP. Institute of Bankers IBP takes this exam. Is a self study, flexible and accredited program by UK’s Chartered Banker Institute. All the private and government banks give very importance to this qualification. Many banks give heavy cash rewards to their employees on clearing this program.In some banks its a prerequisite qualification for promotion too. This diploma will help you a lo in finding a job in any bank of Pakistan or abroad.So we highly recommend to all hose candidates who want to get a job in bank to go for JAIBP after graduation. Its not a tough program at all, even an average student can easily clear this exam even during his/her Masters. Always apply for Management Trainee Officer’s job in bank as its the best entry level job in bank. MTOs enjoys rapid career growth. Here are some more tips about how o get a job in bank.

1-Read newspapers daily and visit official sites of bank daily.

2-Make your profile on renowned job websites and subscribe their newsletters as some banks also take the services of these sites for hiring.

3-Try to improve your general knowledge, Mathematics, English writing and speaking skills.

4-Your CV and cover letter should be impressive.

5-Try to improve your communication skills for better performance in interview.