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How To Get a Job in National Bank of Pakistan(NBP)? Super Tips

How To Get a Job in NBP (National Bank of Pakistan)? Golden Tips
National bank of Pakistan (NBP) is one and only national bank of Pakistan. It play the role of state bank of Pakistan where SBP has not its branches. No bank in Pakistan offers better salary package than NBP. NBP employees are given many bonuses and fringe benefits. Bankers also enjoy job security in N.B.P. At present even auditor general of Pakistan has no right to conduct the audit of national bank of Pakistan (NBP). Till now NBP bank is enjoying unlimited freedom. Employees are recruited through departmental tests and interviews. Being a public sector bank NBP officials are pressurized by government’s MNA and MPA for political recruitment. We request to government of Pakistan for authorizing the FPSC for all kinds of recruitments in NBP.

NBP (National Bank of Pakistan)

How To Get a Job in National Bank of Pakistan(NBP)? Super Tips

I know many facts about recruitment procedure in NBP bnk that’s why at present i will not suggest any talented person to apply in National bank of Pakistan (NBP). This institution has become the hub of nepotism and corruption. I just want to request NAB to verify the accounts and recruitment process of this great national asset. Bank even buy the anchor persons of news channels by offering them unbelievable incentives. Nothing in transparent in NBP bank. O.k, i inform you that my best friend was recruited in NBP as a general banking officer few years before on political grounds. He even never applied in the bank and bank can not provide his signature on job application, still he was recruited on political grounds, rather i want to inform my readers that a senior bank officer recruited him on MNA quota. My friend was the first cousin of that senior bank officer. He showed me record of many employees who did not fulfill the eligibility criteria.

I just have one question to authorities of this NBP bank and government that why the services of FPSC are not hired for recruitment in NBP. Is NBP ready for recruitment audit of last 10 years? NBP bank officials have too much resources to buy any journalist, so still there are no chances of implementation of merit policy in NBP bank . National bank of Pakistan is still alive just due to government support. Government should privatize it immediately. Nobody is customer’s friendly in this bank. Bank get majority of its deposits from government sector.

If you want to get a job in NBP bank then first try to search your relatives or friends on higher position in NBP. Alternatively you may ask any MPA or MNA for suggesting your name. These are two sure cut ways for winning a job in national bank of Pakistan. `
Ok now come towards lucky guys, who are appointed on so called merit basis. First of all you will have to clear a MCQ type written test paper. Here majority of MCQs will be related to Mathematics, general knowledge, current affairs, commerce, management, everyday science, banking, statistics, accounting, Islamic studies, information technology, Urdu and English languages. It is said that candidates who have cleared the JAIBP exam are preferred on others. Applicants with commerce, law and business administration back ground are also preferred. After written test you will also have to clear the departmental interview and i have already mentioned that who can clear this stage.

We suggest that auditor general of Pakistan should be allowed to conduct the financial audit of NBP bank . NBP bank officers should be recruited through FPSC. Non gazetted staff should be recruited through NTS or any other independent testing agency. FIA should check all the recruitment record of at least last 30 years in NBP bank. Government should make a recruitment body/agency for all banks in Pakistan. All relatives of ex & present NBP bank’s senior employees should be called for special written test and interview. I have may other proofs too but being a senior lawyer of high court, i know that i can blame any specific person without concrete evidence. That’s why i have just pointed out the cases of past recruitments. You must read our following article too for guidance about different kinds of banking jobs in Pakistan;

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