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How To Get Competency Based Accredited Online Diploma Through RPL System?

How To Get Competency Based Accredited Distance Learning or Online Diploma or Certificate Through RPL System?
Axact was a Pakistani company which was selling online diplomas and degree through fake universities. It was also selling competency based online diplomas and degrees but its all 300 universities were fake. Still there are many accredited institutions through which you can get genuine online diploma or certificate through RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) System. Axact was a scam as its universities were bogus whereas there are many Public sector boards through which you can get distance learning based and competency based online diplomas. In Pakistan TEVTA, Trade Testing Board and Skill Development Council provide the facility of granting diplomas through RPL system.


RPL System provides you an opportunity for earning a qualification on the basis of your prior learning/skill. You have to provide the proof of your prior experience to these boards. Board authorities evaluate your experience and in case of satisfactory experience, you are awarded your required diploma or certificate. These boards awards 3 months to 2 years diplomas in various fields. TEVTA, TTB and SDC are government institutions and their diplomas are recognized all over the word.

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How To Get Competency Based Accredited Online Diploma Through RPL System?


You may verify your diploma from embassies of many Middle East countries too. If you have practical experience in any professional field then get competency based diploma through RPL system. Such online diploma will help you in getting the job of your choice within the country and abroad. Skill Development Council offers wide range of distance learning and online courses than TEVTA and Trade Testing Board. The difference between Axact and these three board is of accreditation status. All these 3 boards have authority given by government of Pakistan to issue competency based diplomas, where as SDC is a project of ILO, word bank and ministry of labor. That’s why its diplomas are recognized in foreign countries too.

Your employer can verify your diploma online. As compared to international online diploma awarding institutions like nebosh UK, these board takes very reasonable fees for awarding diploma in your desired field. For some courses test is also taken and some ties you will have to submit assignments and appear in interview for proving your competency. If you are planning to got to Middle East or any other foreign country for work purpose then before departure from Pakistan improve your qualification on the basis of your experience. Foreigners and overseas Pakistani can also get competency based diplomas through RP system. Visit the official websites of these boards for further information and guidance. Hopefully you will like the links of our related articles given below. If you want to get admission in any online university then check its accreditation status first. We have written an article on this topic too. Visit us and our facebook page daily for guidance about different distance learning & online diplomas and certificates.

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