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How To Get KESC Duplicate Bill 2024? Get Your K-Electric Electricity Bill Now

How To Get K Electric Duplicate Bill ? Print or Download Your Online K-Electric Electricity Bill 2024

If you have lost your electricity bill or KESC has not send you your bill and you want to get KESC duplicate bill then now you are at right accurate place. We have given a link below this in bold letters. When you will click the link a new window will open in your computer. Type your 13 digits account number, which is written on the top right corner of your K Electric electricity bill and 8 digit consumer number in that window for getting your KESC duplicate bill. You can print and download pdf copy of your KESC duplicate bill in this method. In case of any problem send an email at You can also register your complaints by calling on 118 or 99000. You may also get your KESC duplicat bill from your nearest KESC customer service center. The list of customer centers has also been given on this page. The behavior of the customer care officers is very good in all these centers.


Click Here To Get Your KESC Duplicate Bill



All About KESC

KESC is also known as K Electric or KE. It was established in 1913 under Indian Companies Act 1882. Government of Pakistan nationalized it in 1952 but  due to declining performance of the company KESC was re-privatized in 2005. It is responsible to provide electricity to about 20 million people of Karachi and its adjacent areas. Its customers are more than 2,2, million and 11000 people are employed in it. It is the biggest private electricity supplier company in Pakistan. Company is striving to provide best possible services to its customers. After privatization it has improved its system a lot. Now it has become a role model for all other electricity supply companies. K Electric is also trying to overcome load shedding problem by enhancing its electricity producing capacity.



How To Get K-Electric Online Bill 2024?

You will have to follow the following the following steps to get your K-Electric duplicate electricity bill in the year 2024;

Steps to Retrieve Your K-Electric Duplicate Bill 2024

Visit K-Electric’s Official Portal

1st of all you need to navigate to the official K-Electric portal K-Electric Website via the link given below.


Find the Bill Payment Options

Look for a section related to bill services, which might include options like ‘Duplicate Bill’.


Enter Account Details

You will need to enter your 13-digit Account Number which can be found on any previous bill.


Submit Your Request

After entering the account information, submit your request.


View & Download Your Bill

The website will then display your duplicate bill, which you can view, download & print.


Tips About KESC Online Bill 2024

Save a Digital Copy

It is a good idea to save a digital copy of your online K-Electric bill for future reference.

Check Monthly

Even if you receive your bill by mail even then it is wise to regularly check online to ensure you do not miss any payments.




Secure Connection: Always make sure your internet connection is secure when accessing & downloading your bill.

Personal Information: Do not share your account details with untrusted sources.


Benefits of K-Electric Online Bill


Access your bill anytime & anywhere without waiting for the mail.



Reduce the risk of late payments due to delayed or lost mail.


Environmentally Friendly

Reduce paper usage by using digital copies.


Important Points

Account Number: Keep your account # handy.
Latest Bill Only: Typically, only the most recent bill is available for download.
Customer Support: Contact K-Electric customer support if you encounter issues.



K-Electric Contact Information

K Electric has also provided following emails for registering your different complaints.


If you have any technical complaint or query then send email at


For new connection related queries send email at


To report theft send email at



FAQs About K-Electric Web Bill 2024


What if I do not have my Reference no?

If you are without your Reference #, you may need to contact K-Electric's customer service for assistance.

Can I request a duplicate bill for any month?

Generally, yes. KESC provides access to current and previous bills, though the range of available history may vary.

Is there a fee for getting a duplicate bill online?

Typically, there is no charge for accessing your duplicate bill online through KESC’s website.

How often is the online billing information updated?

Online billing information is usually updated each billing cycle, though the specific timing can depend on K-Electric's internal processes.


Final Remarks

Stay in touch with us and our facebook page/group for latest technology alerts. Feel free to ask any question as we are here to solve your are problems as far as our limits allow us. Use comment box below this post for contacting with our team. Below we have given the addresses of customer service centers of KESC.



How To Get KESC Duplicate Bill 2024? Get Your K-Electric Electricity Bill Now



KESC Duplicate Bill





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