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How to Get KWSB Water Tanker on Govt Rates in Karachi? Helpline, App

How to Buy KWSB Water Tanker on Government Rates in Karachi From KWSB? Helpline No, Application
Are you tired of struggling to find a reliable pure drinking water source in Karachi? If you are too buying water on higher rates then this post of is for you ! The Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB) offers a convenient & hassle-free KWSB water tanker supply service at subsidized government rates. In this blog post, i shall guide you on how to easily access this service & enjoy a steady supply of water at your doorstep.



Method 1: Call the KWSC Representative

The first method to get a KWSB water tanker on government rates is by calling the KWSC representative at 0304-111-2482. Simply provide your home address to the representative of KWSB or water board and they will assign you an order number on phone. Within 24 to 48 hours a KWSB water tanker will be delivered right to your doorstep.



Method 2: Use the KWSB OTS Mobile App

The second method involves using the KWSB OTS mobile app. Follow these steps to place your order via KWSB OTS mobile application:

1. Download the KWSB OTS mobile app from your app store.

2. Then navigate to the online tanker service within the app and fill in the required details including your name, mobile number, email and home address.

3. In the last kindly select the “Request Tanker” option and place your online order.

4. Similar to the first method, you can expect the KWSB water tanker to be delivered within 1 to 2 days.



Important Note:

Don’t forget to obtain a computerized slip issued from the hydrant when you receive the KWSB water tanker. This e-slip contains a QR code that provides information about the tanker and driver. Always opt for water from tankers with QR codes to ensure you receive pure water at government rates. This practice also helps reduce water theft.


KWSB Helpline

For any further assistance or queries, you can reach out to the KWSB helpline at 021-99245138 or 99245140.




1. How do I book a tanker on KWSB?

To book a water tanker on KWSB, you can either call the KWSC representative at 0304-111-2482 or use the KWSB OTS mobile app to place your order.


2. What is the phone number for KWSB water tanker service?

You can contact the KWSB water tanker service by calling their helpline at 021-99245138 or 99245140.


3. How do I contact KWSB?

To contact KWSB, you can use the helpline numbers mentioned above or reach out to them through the KWSB OTS mobile app.



With these convenient methods & the support of the Karachi Water & Sewerage Board, you can now easily access KWSB water tanker on government rates. Say goodbye to water scarcity & enjoy a reliable supply of water right at your doorstep. In the last of this blog post we have given the Urdu ad by Karachi Water and Sewerage Board KWSB containing the all above mentioned details in the national language.


How to Get KWSB Water Tanker on Govt Rates in Karachi? Helpline, App

How to Get KWSB Water Tanker on Govt Rates in Karachi? Helpline, App