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How to Get Maximum Marks in a Science Practical Exam

How to Get Maximum Marks in Science Practicals of Matric, O-Level, A-Level, F.Sc, B,Sc, BS, MS, M.Sc
Practicals exams are taken with each science subject. Practical marks are very important as you have clear both theory and practical exam separety to go through a science subject. Lot of students can not get good marks in practicals due to lack of proper guidance. Today we shall discuss some tips about getting good marks in practicals. Usually practical marks are divided into following 3 categories
Viva voce marks
Practical note book marks
Practical marks
We shall discuss the both three parts of practicals one by one.

1-Viva Voce
This is the most important part of each practical as examiner has discretionary power to grant you as much marks as he likes. During the viva examiner tries to judge your preparation and caliber. So if you succeed to impress the examiner then certainly you can get good marks in viva as well as in whole practical exam. In viva voce it is not necessary that examiner will ask you questions regarding the practicals only. He can ask you any question about the subject. So your basic concepts of the related subject must be cleared. Some practicals only consist of viva voce in such subjects like Psychology your first impression and confidence level play decisive role in your success.

How to Get Maximum Marks in Science Practicals of  Matric, FSc, BSc, BE, MBBS, BDS, DAE, & MSc
How to Get Maximum Marks in a Science Practical Exam

You should revise at least objective questions of the subject before the practical exams. Your concept should also be clear about practicals. Short questions given at the end of each practical in practical note book are also very important so don’t forget to prepare them. You must be confident during the viva voce. Many brilliant students leave poor impression on examiner due to just their shyness.

2-Practical Note Book
Some students buy ready made practical note books from market. This strategy can not benefit you at all. As non professional people prepare such note books and i have noticed hundreds of mistakes in calculations, diagrams and subject matter of such ready made note books. Experience of examiners is more than your age and they can easily detect that you have not prepared the note book yourself and it would be very harmful for you. So you must prepare the practicals note book your self. Try to prepare it during the session not at the end of session. Practical note books must be signed by your teachers. There is a certificate of completion of practicals in each note book , you must get the sign of your teacher on that certificate too.

Chose the easiest practical from the given list. Try to complete it in time. Call the examiner after the completion of your practical and show him your result and findings. Invite the examiner to ask you any question about the practical and your findings. Here too you must be very confident. Write the details of practical in the answer sheet in an impressive manner.

Important Note
Yes we admit that in Pakistan sometimes examiners are approached and some examiners oblige the influential people too. But no one approach the examiners for reducing the marks of brilliant students. So if your concepts are clear and you perform well in the practical then you must be given the due credit.

Tips For Preparation
1-Attend each practical class and try to practice all the practicals for maximum time as private academies charge huge amount for practicals preparation.
2-Help slow learners in your class as it will improve your confidence.
3-Demo practice is also very useful in groups without the real equipment.
4-Your concepts about each and every practical should be clear.
5-You must also know the reasoning/logic and theory of each practical.
6- Don’t hesitate to ask questions to your teacher during the class for conceptual clearing.
7-After the end of session it would be difficult for you to find your teacher so get the signatures of teacher on note book during the academic session.
8-Join crash preparation program if, you are not satisfied with you preparation before the exams.

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