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How to Get Online Drug Sale License in Punjab For Medical Stores?

How to Get Online Drug Sale License in Punjab For Running a Medical Store or a Pharmacy Legally ?
Do you want to know that how you can get online drug sale license in Punjab if you own a medical store? Well in order to open any medical store, it is so much important that you should have the legal and valid license for this purpose. This license is given to you after complete approval from the Government of Punjab. It has been previously noticed that there are so many medical stores in Punjab that are readily involved in the selling of sub standard and fake drugs and weeds as well. This was the point when Punjab Government thought about the fact that their is a need of legal license which should be carried and possessed by all medical store owners. Let’s discuss about the complete process of getting online drug sale license in Punjab if you want to open a new medical store:

List of Offices for Application Form Submission
To submit your form regarding drug sale license, you can submit your form in below mentioned offices:
Chief drugs controller office in Lahore Division
Drug testing laboratories located in cities of Bahawalpur, Multan, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi.
Secretary DQCE Office in all districts of Punjab.

Procedure to Get Online Drug Sale License in Punjab
All of applicants will be submitting their application forms in the offices through the online procedure. Within the time duration of 45 days they would be able to get their legal license for their medical store.

Important Conditions Regarding Online Drug Sale License
No licence will be issued and given to any of the medical store until and unless they will not clarify their clear their position regarding complete storage system for their drugs and hygienic system.
All premises and condition of your medical store should be clean and tidy enough.
Medical store should have a sign board right outside of its pharmacy store and it should be clearly mentioning with the word “pharmacy” on its sign board.
In your prescription forms which you will be issuing to visitors and patients, you should be mentioning clearly about patient name, date of the sale of your drug, medicine, as well as name of the subscriber, name of the patient, name of the drugs, name of the manufacturing company and also details of quantity sold, as well as batch name.
If any the applicant will be submitting any incorrect and wrong information about their drug store in their application form, their application form will not only be canceled but their drug store will also be sealed as well. You have to submit your application form on time right in the head offices which are mentioned above. After 45 days, valid and legal licence for your drug store will be issued. You drug store will be put on the complete check list during these 45 days time period. So this is the method regarding how you can get the online drug sale license in Punjab for your medical stores. Follow the guidelines we did mention above for you.

How to Get Online Drug Sale License in Punjab For Medical Stores?

How to Get Online Grug Sale License in Punjab For Medical Stores