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How To Get Powerful Government Job in Pakistan? List & Tips

Super Tips About Best & Powerful Government Job in Pakistan
If you are power conscious person and want to enter in a field of power and authority but you have no idea that for which jobs you should apply then now you are at the right page. We shall guide you about the all latest powerful government jobs in Pakistan. Unfortunately we are living in a society where power is required not to harm others but to protect ourselves from other powerful persons. We hope that you should use your power for helping the others. Never misuse your power and authority as a government official as you can become the victim of action and reaction principle, which is applied on human lives too.

How To Get Powerful Government Job in Pakistan? List & Tips

How To Get Powerful Government Job in Pakistan? List & Tips

We have given the super tips about all powerful government jobs in Pakistan with step by step guidance in separate articles about these government jobs in Pakistan. Links about all powerful government jobs in Pakistan have been given below this post. Here are some general super tips;

Golden Tips About Powerful Latest Government Jobs in Pakistan

1-After intermediate you must apply for armed forces job.

2-After graduation you must appear in CSS and PMS exams.

3-Remember that preparation strategy for all government jobs including army jobs is similar. You will have to improve your general knowledge, EQ and IQ level.

4-General knowledge is a vast field and you cannot rely on any single book for improving the general knowledge so try to read maximum books on general knowledge.

5-Improve your knowledge about current affairs, Indo Pak history, everyday science, Islam/Islamic history, information technology, Western history, mathematics, Urdu/English language, international relations and literature.

6-Try to improve your both verbal and written communication skills.

7-Apply for non-gazetted PCS job too like ASI, Sub Inspector, junior patrol officer etc.

8-Make your long term strategy after matriculation for getting government job in Pakistan.

9-Select your subjects very wisely in intermediate and bachelor.

10-Don’t ignore your medical fitness. Take exercise daily and join gym for getting physical fitness. Go for annual medical checkup after class 8th. In case of any problem consult the specialist doctor of relevant medical field.

11-Always remain in winning state of mind while appearing in written recruitment tests and interviews.

12-Excellent IQ and EQ level are required for good performance in psychological/aptitude tests and interview. Kindly read our relevant articles on these topics.

13-Change your priorities and choices in life. You must read books and watch TV channels about general knowledge, natural science, history and current affairs.

14-Some professional and private sector jobs can also make you powerful persons, like media jobs, lecturer jobs and legal profession as lawyer.

15-Last but not least by the grace of Almighty Allah only can guide you about powerful latest government jobs in Pakistan so stay in touch with it and its facebook page.

List of Powerful Government Jobs in Pakistan 

Here is the list of most powerful government jobs in Pakistan:

1-Pak Army

2-Pak Navy

3-Pakistan Air Force

4-ISI Jobs 

5-IB Jobs 

6-NAB Jobs 

7-Police Jobs 

8-Anti Corruption Jobs 

9-Motorway Police Jobs 

10-Railway Police Jobs 


12-NTS Jobs

13-Tips About Latest Government Jobs in Pakistan For Females

14-ASF Jobs

15-Judiciary Jobs 

Never hesitate in asking questions from us about any government job in Pakistan. Wish you best of luck.