How to Get the Air Hostess Job Easily?Top Ten Tips, Salary, Career & Training

How to Get The Job of Flight Steward or Air Hostess in Pakistan? Top Ten Super Tips
There is a great demand of Air Hostess jobs in Pakistan. Its one of the most popular jobs in females. Initially just one public sector air line was functioning in Pakistan (PIA), but now lot of other private sector air lines have started working in Pakistan like Shaheen Airlines, Air Blue, Hajvery Airlines. You may also get air hostess job in any international airline.

How to Get The Air Hostess Job Easily?Top Ten Tips, Salary, Career & Training

How to Get The Air Hostess Job Easily?Top Ten Tips, Salary, Career & Training

Top 10 Tips For Those Who are Interested in Air Hostess or Flight Steward Job
1-You need to have good marks in Matriculation and Intermediate. Minimum required qualification for air hostess jobs in Pakistan is intermediate or A-Level.

2-Candidates with proficiency in English and other international languages are preferred. So try to improve your English speaking and listening skills. Other recommended languages are Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Russian.

3-Generally candidates with age 19 to 26 years are recruited as an air hostess in any air line of the world.

4-Majority of air lines just recruit single females.

5-Candidates must be medically fit. Patient of any chronic disease like TB and Hepatitis are not recruited.

6-Diploma in hospitality management/English language can increase your chances of selection as an air hostess or cabin crew member.

7-Your height must be above 5.3 inches. Its also a fact that your skin color and physical fitness /beauty can help you for winning the air hostess job in Pakistan, so try to remain fit and slim.

8-You should try to opt recommended subjects in inter and bachelor like Psychology, English Literature, Civics, International Languages, Home Economics etc.

9-Experience in related field can provide you an edge on other candidates. Try to improve your confidence level and rapid accurate response time while communicating.

10-Many local and international air lines have made their own job portals where you can submit your CV or can make your online profile, these/profiles and resumes are considered at the time of future hiring. So visit the job portals of your all targeted local and international air lines and make your profile their also subscribe the periodical emails.

Why Become an Air Hostess?
Air Hostesses are given very attractive salary with lot of fringe benefits.
Generally air hostess jobs in Pakistan are given on contract basis. Initially 2 years contract is offered which is extend-able in nature for a long time.
You will be given health insurance cover.
Flying and slip allowances are also given to air hostesses.
Free air ticketed are provided for self and family.

Required Documents For Air Hostess Job
1-Attested copies of all educational documents
2-Copies of experience certificates
3-Computerized national identity card
4-Recent colored passport size photographs along with a full size colored photograph (You must send your best recent pic)
5-CV along with cover letter/application

Majority of air lines just take interviews, whereas some will ask you to clear the internal written test to qualify for the interview. Written test will be about general knowledge and English. In interview your communication skills and confidence level will be evaluated. Original educational and experience documents will be checked during interview.
You may also have to appear in medical examination or you will have to provide medical fitness certificate.

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