How To Get The License of Beauty Parlour & Hair Dresser in Punjab? (Urdu-English)

Step By Step Procedure For Getting The License of Beauty Saloon & Barber Shop in Punjab-Guide in English & Urdu
Today on this page we are going to inform you about complete procedure of registration for hair dresser shops and beauty parlours in the province of Punjab. Complete procedure has been given on this page both in Urdu and English languages. This registration is compulsory for controlling the hepatitis and infections through the instruments of beauty experts and barbers. Government of Punjab has passed law, rules and regulations for this purpose. There are total six stages of registration process. Here are the details for you in English language;


First Stage
In the first stage you will have to visit the your concerned office of health department (DDHO, Secretary DQCB). Kindly take your valid computerized national identity card CNIC with you for registration purpose.


Second Stage
Second stage is about inspection of beauty parlour or hair dresser shop. Health inspector will visit the shop. He will visit the spot within the end of 3 months after registration. If health inspector will not visit your shop within the given time then kindly connect the relevant officer of Punjab health department.


Stage Three
In the third stage you will be issued a temporary license by health department. This temporary license will be issued within the 3 months after the inspection by health inspector. In case of not receiving the temporary license connect the concern authority. In case of receiving the license kindly display it in your shop on a visible spot.


Fourth Stage
In the forth stage you will be given necessary training for working as per required standard and informative material for displaying in the shop. This process will be completed within three months after inspection. Again in this stage in case of not receiving training and informative material you may file your complaint to relevant health officer.


Fifth Stage
Second last stage is about hepatitis checkup. In this stage you will visit the nearest hepatitis clinic along with all members of your staff for hepatitis test and vaccination. Kindly bring your CNIC with you. This process will be completed within 3 months after inspection. In case of not following the instructions for fifth stage health inspector may impose fine on you. You will have to keep your hepatitis test result in your shop during the working hours.


Stage Six
In the last stage you will be issued a final license. Display this permanent license in your shop. Health inspector will keep visiting your beauty parlour or hair dresser shop after the interval of 3 months. If any of your stage is incomplete then complete it as early as possible for avoiding any inconvenience. For more details kindly call free at health line number 0800-99-000. Remember that this registration is mandatory for all beauty parlours and hair dresser shops in Punjab under hepatitis and infection control program by Directorate General Health Services, department of primary and secondary healthcare, government of Punjab. Do read our following article too about how to start a beauty parlour?.


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How To Get The License of Beauty Parlour & Hair Dresser in Punjab? (Urdu-English)

How To Get The License of Beauty Parlour & Hair Dresser in Punjab? (Urdu-English)



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