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How To Help The Muslims in Burma Practically? Trusted Solutions

How To Help The Muslims of Burma In Transparent Way? 100% Secured Solution
Muslims in Burma are suffering a lot and they need our help. Kindly convince your parents that this year they should give their Zakat to the Muslims in Burma. There is no use of posting posts in favor of Muslims of Burma on facebook. Now the time of action has come. Alkidmat Foundation Pakistan is a welfare organization of Jammat e Islami. It has a transparent track record. We have never heard any complaint against this welfare organization.

Jammat e Islami has its network in almost all Muslim countries. So disbursement of donations is not a problem for this organization. Alkidmat Foundation Pakistan is the only trusted platform through which we can help the Muslims in Burma. Now this organization has made an appeal to all the Muslims of the world to come forward and help the Muslims in Burma through its wide network. We pay our tribute to this organization by publishing this post. Now its your turn to realize your duty towards Islamic Ummah.

We have never asked you to share any post but now we are requesting you that if you are unable to help the Muslims of Burma financially then share this post. We assure you that it will be registered as your share in the eyes of Almighty Allah.  Share if you care. Now its up to you that how you respond to the voice of Muslims of Burma. Have you forget the saying the famous saying of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW) that all the Muslims are like real brothers. So help your brothers who have become the victim of Buddhist terrorists. No body from our side will come to help the Muslims of Burma, its our own moral and religious duty. You may also provide tents, food items and medicines. Here are contact numbers and bank account numbers of Alkidmat Foundation Pakistan where you can submit your donation in any form.
MCB Account (0182) 0687847381002390
Soneri Bank (0001) 02011459382
Meezan Bank (0214) 0101095120
Contact Number – 0304 111 4 222
Head Office – 711 Block 2-J Johar Town Lahore (+ 92 42) 35957260
Karachi Sub Office – 80-B Sindhi Muslim Housing Society Karachi (+ 92 21) 2611911
Islamabad Sub Office – 427 St # 14 Mareer Chowk Murree Road Rawalpindi ( (+ 92 51) 5765605-6

Holy month of the Ramadan is coming and helping others in this month will be a great source of blessing for you. Read the details in Urdu in the newspaper ad cutting below this page. Visit us and our facebook page daily for latest alerts about current affairs.

Current Affairs – Burma Muslim Massacre & Its Implications

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How To Help The Muslims in Burma Practically? Trusted Solution


How To Help The Muslims in Burma? Trusted Solution