How to Improve General Knowledge? 20 Super Tips

How to Increase Your General Knowledge (GK)? 20 Golden Tips
General Knowledge plays an important role in our success both in exams and job hunting.  Every student must try to improve his/her general knowledge. It can make you a creative writer too.  General knowledge is a vast field as it includes information about all major fields of life.  Good general Knowledge can improve your IQ level and EQ level too.

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How to Improve General Knowledge? 20 Super Tips

1-You must read books on general knowledge from your early childhood. Kids must read books in their mother language to develop their interest in GK.

2-Newspapers are best source of GK. You may read news about all field of life in daily newspapers. So try to read all major newspapers of English and Urdu daily.

3-Large number of weekly and monthly general knowledge magazines are published all over the world.  You must read such magazines too.

4-History, political science, geography, journalism are recommended subjects for those students who want to improve their general knowledge.

5-Watch history channel.  National geography channel, BBC and CNN channels instead of entertainment channels.

6-For improving your current affairs knowledge you will have to watch news channels too.  Preferably you should watch current affairs programs and talk shows too. and other video sharing websites like daily motion and vimeo can also help you. You may get all kinds of information through these video sharing websites.

8-Who is who and what is what first recommended book is for you.  Buy its latest edition every year.  Many publishers publish this book. You must buy it from a reputed publisher.
9-There are large numbers of general knowledge websites on internet. Visit them daily to remain updated.

10-Visit daily.

11-Take part in quiz competitions at all levels.  It will awake an urge in you about increasing your GK and success in these competitions will improve your confidence level.
12-Never ignore your academic studies as it may improve your GK too.

13-Specially give emphasis on compulsory subjects of Islamic Studies, Mathematics, Science and Pakistan Studies.

14-Write all important information in your diary or GK note book.

15-Spend your pocket money on buying general knowledge and IQ books; rather you must have a personal library.

16-Become the member of GK society of your educational institute and take part in its activities.

17-Become the member of biggest library of your city and visit it occasionally.

18-If you are preparing for CSS exams even then apply for important non gazzetted posts too.  It will help you in your preparation of CSS exam. In case of success accept the post too as one in hand is better than two in bushes.

19-Try to share your knowledge with others. Believe me, it will pay you back dramatically.

20-Large numbers of online quiz websites provide you opportunity to judge your GK. These websites are not only best source of improving GK but also practice.

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