How To Improve Immunity System Against Coronavirus? Top 30 Tips (Urdu-English)

How To Boost Your Immune System For Avoiding Covid 19? Top Thirty Health Care Tips
In this post we are going to publish top 30 healthcare tips about “How To Improve Immunity System against Coronavirus. Hopefully you will finds these tips very useful for strengthening your immune system during the pandemic of COVID 19.


How To Strengthen Your Immune System Naturally?


1-Increase the Percentage of turmeric in your curry.
2-Take one glass of milk daily.
3-Use honey instead of sugar in tea and coffee.
4-Take desi ghee or olive oil or mustard oil as alternative of ghee.
5-Increase your sleeping time at least for 2 hours.


6-Seasonal fruits and vegetables of any area best source for avoiding the seasonal diseases of that area, so do eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.
7-Camel milk also increases the immunity system of human body.
8-Take vegetable soup daily.
9-Cook your food in black pepper and add some extra garlic, onion and ginger in it
10-Salad should be included in your lunch and dinner.



How To Improve Immunity System against Coronavirus? Top 30 Tips

How To Improve Immunity System Against Coronavirus? Top 30 Tips (Urdu-English)


11-Fasting also helps a lot in boosting your immunity system.
12-Take exercise for minimum 30 minutes daily.
13-Take balanced diet which must contain meat, desi chicken, vegetables, pulses, fruit, egg, milk yogurt, fish and dry fruit.
14-Watch motivational videos on youtube for overcoming your fear of coronavirus.
15-Increase the intake of water, specially try to drink just light warm water. Specially make the milk of babies in warm water.


16-Quit smoking and drinking or at-least try to decrease your daily ratio as much as you can.
17-Take 1/2 kg curd daily in breakfast.
18-Avoid using cold drinks, artificial juices and drinks alternatively you can drink lemon water and fresh juice.
19-Sleep daily in afternoon for at least one hour.
20-Take vitamin C enriched food items like broccoli, strawberries. cabbage, grape fruit, oranges, berries. blackcurrants, red and green capsicum.


21-Take fresh fruits and dairy product instead of food supplements.
22-Never eat processed, freeze, canned and junk food.
23-Avoid tension of any kind as it will destroy your immunity system.
24-Never use sleeping pills as they devastating for the human immunity system.
25-Avoid self medication and use of antibiotics and steroids without the consultation of any qualified doctor.


26-Avoid the use of pressure cooker as it destroy the majority of vitamins in vegetable. Use mud utensils.
27-Yoga and meditation may also improve immunity system. Muslims should say their all 5 prayers regularly alternatively.
28-Mushrooms are very effective for boosting your immunity system. Chinese herb Ginseng plays the same role.
29-Wash your hands consistently and take bath daily. All Muslims should remain in wuzu throughout the day. Use antiseptic soap while bathing and washing hands.
30-Cut nails of your hand and foot regularly.



How to Avoid Coronavirus? Tips in Urdu & English


In my personal capacity i am drinking qehwa (tea without milk) of Cinnamon and cloves for avoiding coronavirus. Last but least wear mask, gloves and use sanitizes. Keep social distance. More tips about “How To Improve Immunity System against Coronavirus?” has been given in Urdu language on this page.


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How To Improve Immunity System against Coronavirus? Top 30 Tips

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