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How To Improve Your Communication Skills? Top 10 Super Tips

Self Help – How To Improve Your Communication Skills? Top Ten Super Tips
Good written and verbal Communication skills are very vital for hunting a job, delivering a speech and running a business. We are sharing 10 super tips for improving your communication skills in this post.

1-You can not speak on a topic about which you don’t have enough matter/knowledge, so first thing is to improve your general knowledge about every thing around you. Build reading habit, as it is the best tool of improving your general knowledge. Get the information about every useful thing. Improve your knowledge about current affairs, latest trends, politics, new inventions, global problems, local issues, every day science, national/international celebrities, political theories, philosophy and history.

2-Observe the things minutely. Keen observation will make you an effective communicators in a short time. Watch the videos of good communicators and try to note their plus points and follow them. But don’t become a copy cat. Your natural style will affect people more than artificial and copied one.

3-Learn the art of summarizing, as now a days world has become very fast and no one has enough spare time to listen to you so learn to express your self briefly and precisely. Also remain to the point while communicating to every one. Avoid irrelevant details and explanations.

4-Practice is the key so practice to express your self in one minute or 11 words. Its not a hard job even you can explain the theme of thousand pages book in one minute or eleven second. But it is a art which you can also learn by practicing it.

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How To Improve Your Communication Skills? Top 10 Super Tips

5-Become active listener as if you are a good listener then definitely you can become a good communicator. Nature has given us two ears and one tongue, it clearly indicate that we should use our ears at least double than our tongue. But majority of us use our tongues more then our ears. If you use your tongue more than your ears then certainly your communication skills will not be good.

6-Concentration is also very vital factor as far as communication skills are concerned. While communicating with other your focus should be on communication rather than any thing else. Don’t divert from your topic and strong points. Don’t allow people to fetch you towards your weak areas. Fight in your own ground.

7-Fear is the biggest hurdle in effective communication so try to overcome your internal fears. You can program your subconscious mind for overcoming your hidden fears. Take the help of self suggestions for this purpose. There are some wonderful medicines in homeopathy and bach flower way of treatment for overcoming different kinds of fear. But consult some qualified doctor for this purpose. You may also seek advice from our medical team.

8-Learn to engage your audience with your gestures, body language and questions. You body language should be supportive to you, for this purpose prolong your eye contact.

9-Identify your weak areas and first try to improve them with continuous practice. Get feed back from your audience and yourself too. You can get feed back from yourself by listening the recording of your speech, presentation etc

10-Improve your vocabulary, grammar, ascent and pitch of sound. Give your audience due respect and try to learn situation handling. Situation handling art is hard to learn but this art can boost your confidence a lot.
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