How to Increase Concentration? Top Ten Tips in English & Urdu

Self Help – Top Ten Tips About How To Increase Concentration
Concentration is required to get success in any field. You can never achieve excellence in any field without concentrating on it. But here the question arises that how to increase concentration. Today we shall share top ten tips about “How to Increase Concentration?” in Urdu and English languages. You must follow this top ten tips for getting success in any field of life.
1-You must take interest in your field of work of study as human beings can concentrate only in those matters in which they have interest of any kind.

2-For increasing your interest in any field, you should make a list of benefits which you will get by concentrating in your field. Read this list daily twice, soon your subconscious mind will realize the importance of your field and it will change the thinking of your mind too automatically.

3-Use the technique of auto suggestions. It will affect your subconscious mind dramatically.

4-Take the help of prayer. Five time prayers and reading the Holy Quran with translation can increase your concentration power.

5-Long Sajdah during the Islamic prayer can charge your brain cells. You can easily concentrate on any thing by adopting this habit, but for God’s sake say your prayers just for pleasing your Lord not for any worldly purpose. I am telling you this just to inform you that there are lot of side benefits of Muslim prayer.

6-Use the technique of creative visualization for increasing your concentration power. We have written lot of articles on creative visualizations and its methods. You must consult them for further guidance.

7-Non Muslims should avoid Yoga and just try to pray to one and only Lord of the universe for their all kinds of problems including lack of concentration.

8-Try to increase your out put for getting every thing in life. Remember every action in this world has its reaction in opposite direction and equal quantity. Give out put voluntarily in response you will get what ever you want in life. Here by out put i mean what we do for other sincerely.

9-Always start a work in which you have no interest in fresh mood. It will help you in concentrating.

10-You may use the technique of candle/circle watching for increasing your concentration power.
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How to Increase Concentration? Top Ten Tips in English & Urdu

How to Increase Concentration?

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