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How to Join Counter Terrorism Department CTD in Pakistan? Tips

How to Join Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) in Pakistan? Super Tips
CTD is abbreviation of Counter Terrorism Department. Its too a police force, but its officers are trained to fight against terrorists. Pakistan is really at war ISIS and TTP are exploding bombs in different cities of Pakistan. Suicide attacks are also common. Religious sects are involved in sectarian violence. CIA, RAW, MI 6, Mossad, some of our neighboring countries and Middle East countries are patronizing terrorists activities in Pakistan. CTD is second defence line of Pakistan after ISI against terrorism. Counter Terrorism Department has its own separate police stations. At present it is collaborating with IB too, as IB has no authority to register a case being a intelligence agency.

How to Join Counter Terrorism Department CTD in Pakistan? Tips

How to Join Counter Terrorism Department CTD in Pakistan? Tips

Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) is headed by DIG level police officer, so we can surely say that CTD is a new elegant face of police department just like motorway police. There are three main departments of Counter Terrorism Department CTD i.e Operation, Intelligence and investigation/interogation. Trainee officers have to choose their department in the last part of their training. My own brother in law is a CTD officer posted in Gujranwala. He got this job 100% on merit as CTD recruits the officers on merit. Pakistan Army is collaborating with CTD for training purpose. You may call CTD a child or new face of CIA or CID. It plays a role of intelligence agency too, but just for counter terrorism purpose. Its not an easy task to join CTD.

Remember that CTD officers are given special salary package. For example its ASi is given about 80000 monthly pay. This salary package enables them to remain honest and hard working. At present Counter Terrorism Department CTD officers are being recruited on contract basis. But this contract is extend-able and hopefully they will become permanant soon. They can be posted anywhere in the province.

You may join Counter Terrorism Department CTD as constable. special agent, ASI, Corporal,  Sub Inspector and Inspector.
You will have to appear in written test of PCS type. Generally objected questions of 100 marks about Pakistan affairs, Islamic Studies, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Everyday Science, Literature, Urdu, English, Mathematics EQ, IT, IQ and world affairs are asked in the written test. Physical test, medical examination and interview are also parts of recruitment process. Students are preparing for CSS, PMS or PCS exam must also try to join Counter Terrorism Department. Counter Terrorism Department is a best alternative of Pak Army/Navy/ISI/IB/MI/Dolphin Force jobs. Read our following articles for guidance about CTD jobs.

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Eligibility Criteria For The Post of Corporal in Counter Terrorism Department CTD 

Here below in an image you may see the detailed eligibility criteria for the post of corporal in Counter Terrorism Department CTD.

How to Join Counter Terrorism Department CTD in Pakistan? Tips