How To Join Dolphin Force Punjab? Super Tips

How To Join Dolphin Police Force Punjab? Golden Tips 
Dolphin Force is a highly equipped petrolling police. Its a brain child of current CM Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif. He took this concept from Turkey. Dolphin Force is a successful experience in Turkey. Now This force is active in Punjab too. Dolphin force is equipped with all latest equipments and arms to counter crimes and criminals. They petrol on heavy bikes. You may call them prince of roads. They have been provided with bullet proof uniform, which enable them to fight with street crimes. While petrolling they can hit any criminal.

How To Join Dolphin Force Punjab? Super Tips How To Join Dolphin Force Punjab? Super Tips

How To Join Dolphin Force Punjab? Super Tips

Its a hard task to join Dolphin force as you will have to be super fit for joining this great force. Your both IQ and EQ level will be tested during the recruitment test. You will have to undergo with a strict training schedule. Selection procedure is also very tough. Turkey is still training our officers of Dolphin force. Soon our local trainers will be able to train the next badges of Dolphin force. Its too a police force like CTD, Elite Police and Motorway police. You may call them commandos of Punjab Police too.

They are given special salary package due to sensitive and dangerous nature of their job. Dolphin force is playing the role of front line police force against criminals and crimes. Candi ates with weak physique and low IQ/EQ level must improve their selves before applying in Dolphin force. You must have quick analyzing, decision making and responding abilities to join Dolphin force. Dolphin Squad is given much more salary as compare to general police due to sensitive nature of their work. If you are planning to appear in any competitive exam then do appear in exam for Dolphin force jobs.

Its not easy for street criminals in Punjab to operate easily as Dolphin force is there to curb them with iron hand. Most modern equipment enable the force to counter the criminal of any kind on road. Its a fact that Dolphin force has become a symbol of terror for criminals. They petrol continuousness round the clock to facilitate the nation. Constable to Inspector rank posts are offered in the force. You may apply for any post as per your academic qualification. Be prepare for written test, intelligence test, physical test medical examination and hard training. Its a best alternative option for those who want to join armed forces. We shall Inshaa Allah publish ads about all available future posts in Dolphin Force. So stay in touch with us.

Super Tips For Joining Dolphin Force
You must be physically super fit. For this purpose take exercise daily.
Your general knowledge must be extra ordinary.
You must join gym even after matriculation.
Never be disappointed even after failure for joining Dolphin Force, Apply For Police, CTD, IB etc too.
Visit our online testing website for practice of written test. You must also read “Who is Who & What is What” book.
Preparation for interview is also equally important, so never ignore preparation for interview.



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