How To Join ISI in 2021? Super Tips About Career in ISI Pakistan

Career in ISI Pakistan-Golden Tips For Youngsters
ISI is the abbreviation of inter services intelligence. It is Pakistan’s prime intelligence agency which get intelligence from our enemy countries. You may call it the first defence shield of Pakistan. ISI has been declared number one intelligence agency of the world by many international newspapers and organizations. It is the pride of our country, that’s why every Pakistani want to join ISI to serve his beloved country.


How To Join ISI? Super Tips About Career in ISI Pakistan

How To Join ISI in 2021? Super Tips About Career in ISI Pakistan


ISI gets majority of his officers from Pak Army, Navy and PAF on deputation, so if you want to join ISI the try get commission in Pak Air Force, Pak Army, or Navy.


Super Tips For Selection in ISI

You may also join ISI directly through federal public service commission. Remember that no intelligence agency declares its name in the newspaper ad of recruitment due to secrecy reasons. Generally ad is given with the title “Job Opportunities in a Public Sector Organization”. You must apply for all such jobs, still you can not guess easily that for which intelligence agency you are applying.


Every student with good academic record and general knowledge can clear the written test but majority of students fail in interview as best brains of the Pakistan will interview you. Your general knowledge, IQ level, EQ level, family background, decision power, personality traits will be evaluated in interview. You may also be called for psychological test. This is also a tough stage. Here you will have to prove that you possess as multidimensional personality who can handle any kind of situation very easily.


So dear brothers first of all you will have improve your general knowledge and creative writing ability for clearing the written test. Pattern of written test changes as per the job type. Generally one paper is about of MCQ type questions and second about Essay writing, English comprehension and grammar.



Required Skills For Clearing The Interview & Psychological Test 

For clearing the interview and psychological test you will have to improve your following skills
Decision Making Power
Response Time & Rate of Accuracy
Analytical, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning Skills
Communication Skills
Out of The Box Thinking Ability


You must also be medically super fit.You should be a social person and have an urge to learn foreign languages as you may be given a foreign or a field posting where you will have to collect intelligence information by using your personal skills.


ISI Pakistan will provide you job satisfaction and a thrilling life. You may be given foreign posting. You will also enjoy a respectable place in society. No other job in Pakistan is better than ISI job. This is one the rare departments of Pakistan where recruitment, posting and promotions are carried out only on merit. We are sure that after reading this post you guys will prefer to join ISI. Stay in touch with the best career counseling website of Pakistan and with its facebook account for guidance about different career options.



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