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How To Join Merchant Navy? Scope, Career, Tips in Urdu & English

Career Counseling About How To Join Merchant Navy, Scope & TipsĀ 
The exact information is mentioned and collected for the readers that how can they become the part of this merchant navy field. As this is a golden opportunity if any one of you get a chance to work as a merchant navy officer, here we will give you the complete details as to how to apply for this post and from how many stages and phases you will be crossing yourself:

Training Center to Get Enrolled in Merchant Navy Sector
These merchant navy officers, they get the training from the Marine academy and it is located in Karachi. All the selected candidates, they will be residing in this academy so that they can complete the rest of their training phase.

Eligibility Information to Be The Part of Merchant Navy Field
In the months of August and September, the application process to become the part of merchant navy field, they get opened. You can regularly read the newspapers so that you may know when this application process will be officially announced. You have to be passed with your 12th class and you need to have second division in your inter education, other important point is that you should have studied fsc pre engineering subjects. Your age has to be 20 years and you should only have the nationality of your country Pakistan.

Training Duration
The training duration is two years and this phase is composed on four semesters. Upon the completion of this training, the certificate of BS maritime studies is given to the students. In this academy, there are two departments and they are nautical branch and engineering branch.

Nautical Branch
If you will be posted in this branch then you will further become the part of training which comprises 33 months duration. And if you have not received the BS maritime studies certificate, then your training phase will be of 42 months duration. After passing out this training phase, you will become a third officer, and then you get a chance to work on the post of second officer and then last senior post of this nautical branch, it is the chief officer post.

Engineering Branch
Those who are posted in this branch, first they have to complete their academic training which is of 2 years and then the practical training part comprises 3 years duration. Passing the test, you get the post of an engineer or you start to work as a junior engineer. If the candidate is going to complete the engine room training comprising of 18 months to 21 months duration, then he can apply on the post of chief engineer. So as you can see that this field comprising of two major departments and sectors which are nautical and engineering, they are of great scope and you can easily be inducted in these departments if you have a potential.
This merchant navy field is quite a promising field and you should make an attempt to become the part of it.

Career & Scope of Merchant Navy in Pakistan & Abroad

How To Join Merchant Navy? Scope, Career, Tips in Urdu & English

How To Join Merchant Navy? Scope, Career, Tips in Urdu & English