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How To Join PAF After Matric & Inter in 2024? Job Options, Procedure & Tips

How To Join Pakistan Air Force (PAF) After Matriculation & FA, FSc, DAE, ICS & I.Com in 2024? Step by Step Guide & Tips

Do you wish to join this PAF Pakistan air force after completing your matric and inter studies, if yes then here is the guide for you. This Pak air force is the highly reputable security sector and all Pakistani males and females, they wish to work for this security sector as well. This departments offer opportunities to the individuals to serve over here after finishing their matric and inter studies. Here is the process for you as to how to join PAF Pakistan air force. We know that this sector offer aerial defense to the country Pakistan all because of the collaboration put forward by the Pak navy as well as by the Pak army. They have 3000 pilots and almost 1000 aircraft’s.


How To Join PAF After Matric & Inter in 2024? Job Options, Procedure & Tips


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How to Join PAF After Matric?

It ia as the airman or it is in the form of civilian that you can serve and work for this PAF Pakistan air force after getting a matriculation degree. It is for matric students that you have to be single / unmarried, you have to meet this marital status and you have to be the citizen of Pakistan. You should have done matric with science and your marks should be up to 60%. Regarding the age limit, 16 to 20 years is the age limit.


To join as airman, you can be appointed on the following posts, like you can work as aero technician, aero support, ground combat, mechanical transport driver, religious teacher, sportsman, musician. If working as civilian, then you can be hired on these posts which are assistant foreman, foreman, civilian store keeper, research assistant, sports coach, library assistant, religious teacher.


These matric degree holders can also work as stenotypist, upper clerk, general machine operator, lab man, librarian, nursing sister, overseer. charge hand, male nurse, store man, lower division clerk, stm technician, skilled tradesman, ferroprinter, tracer.



Top 20 Tips to Join PAF After Matriculation & Intermediate

Here are the top 20 tips for joining the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) after completing Matric & Inter;

1-Research the PAF: First of all you should understand its history, mission & organization structure.
2-Know the Eligibility: Then kindly check age, educational & physical criteria for enlistment.
3-Stay Fit: Physical fitness is also crucial so start an exercise regimen early.
4-Focus on Academics: Strong educational background is favored; emphasize science & mathematics.
5-Improve English Skills: Proficiency in English is important for tests and training.
6-Gather Information: Visit the PAF recruitment center or website for guidance.
7-Prepare for Initial Tests: Study for intelligence, personality & academic tests.
8-Understand the Interview Process: Try to work on your communication & presentation skills.
9-Know the Medical Requirements: Ensure you meet the stringent medical standards.
10-Be Technologically Adept: You must familiarize yourself with basic computer applications.
11-Stay Informed: Please keep up-to-date with current affairs & world events.
12-Prepare Physically: One should also practice running, push-ups & other physical tests.
13-Join Cadet Programs: Consider joining cadet school after Matric for a smoother entry.
14-Develop Leadership Skills: You should also engage in extracurricular activities that build leadership qualities.
15-Be Disciplined: You must adopt a disciplined lifestyle to ease the transition to military life.
16-Practice Psychological Tests: Work on your mental agility & psychological readiness.
17-Nurture Patriotism: Understand the significance of serving your country.
18-Seek Mentorship: Connect with current or former PAF personnel for advice.
19-Stay Determined: The selection process is competitive; maintain your motivation.
20-Apply on Time: Be mindful of application dates & submit before deadlines.



How to Join Pak Air Force (PAF) After Inter?

If you have inter degree, then you can be selected on these job titles which are general duty pilot, aeronautical engineer, admin and special duties officer, air defence sector.


You should have finished with your inter degree if you want to work in paf and your inter can be done in the FSc subjects or you can have equivalent education.


You should have 65% marks in your inter degree exams, 16 to 22 years is the age eligibility and you have to be unmarried.


It is through written test and physical test that you will be preliminary selected. Then you will appear for the medical checkup examination phase. After that, your interview will be taken and then the final merit selection list will be made.



Final Words

This is the procedure of joining PAF Pakistan air force if you have got these matric and inter degrees. Stay in touch with us and you will get more details on joining this PAF platform. Get the required education and serve in this prestigious sector. For reading tips to join PAF in 2024 you will have to read our following post.


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