How To Join Pak Army as Second Lieutenant in 2022? Procedure & Tips

How To Join Pakistan Army as Commissioned Officer (Second Lieutenant) in 2022? Guide
This second lieutenant post, it is one entry level kind of commissioned officer post and job position which is the part of Pakistan army. Here you will get the guide and you will come to know the exact procedure and also tips as to how to join Pak army as second lieutenant in this year 2022. We have seen that the person serving as a second lieutenant, he becomes the part of the squad which comprises usually and mainly 40 to 45 number of soldiers.


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How To Join Pak Army as Second Lieutenant in 2022? Procedure & Tips


Every years, lots of intermediate degree holder students and graduate degree holder students, they apply in different job positions as announced by Pak army and then they get a chance to serve their nation. It is very important for you to fulfill the eligibility conditions if you want to be on this positions. So check out the details which are about joining the Pak army.



How to Join Pak Army as Second Lieutenant in 2022? Procedure for The Readers
To get selected as second lieutenant, your age has to be in between 17 to 22 years if you have got the intermediate or equivalent education. If you have done 2 years of graduation, then your age has to be 17 to 23 years. If you have completed your degree and education having 4 years of graduation degree program, then your age limit can be 17 to 24 years. If you are a serving army soldier, then age limit can be 17 to 25 years.


Male candidates can apply on this second lieutenant post and you have to be unmarried. 5 feet 4 inches in the minimum height and you should have the nationality of Pakistan. If you have dual nationality, then surrender your other nationality.



Tips to Join Pak Army as Second Lieutenant in 2022
There will be written test and intelligence which has to be passed by you if you are applying on this post of second lieutenant. It is from the basic subjects which include English, mathematics, general science that questions will come.


The physical test for this post of second lieutenant, it carries a huge important. You need to the running of about 1.6 km in 8.5 minutes. Then you have to do push ups and cit ups of 15 repetitions in 2 minutes. You have to do chin ups by doing the three repetitions of it in two minutes. Then you have to do the ditch crossing as well.


After passing this physical test, you will appear for the interview. The selected students will get the ISSB call letter and then you will be informed as when your training will be started. For this position of second lieutenant, you will be trained for two years.


This is how you can get selected for this post of second lieutenant. If you want to serve in Pak army, then applying for this position is a great option. If some other serving and job opportunity will be introduced by the Pak army, we will let you know. Visit our how to category daily and read following articles too for more guidance.


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