How To Join Pak Army? Super Tips

How To Join Pak Army, Pak Air Force & Pak Navy? Super Tips
Every Pakistani dream of joining Pakistan army as being a Muslim we believe in Jihad. In this articles we shall give you some super tips which are equally useful for even for those who want to join Pak Air Force, ISI and Pak Navy. If you really want to join Pak army then start your preparation from your school days. Pakistan Army is one of the best army of the world that’s why its selection procedure is very tough. Only fittest people can join Pak army, PAF and Pak Navy. You must be medically, mentally and psychologically super fit. Students who have made their mind that they will join Pak army should try to get admission in any cadet school/college after 5th class. Cadet colleges train you for ISSB tests. Students are trained in such a way that majority of them easily clear the preliminary and ISSB tests yet it’s not a mandatory condition at all. But in this case you should make proper plan for your preparation.

First you should be academically good. Try to understand the concepts of all subjects. Give special emphasis on English and Science subjects. Your general knowledge should also be extraordinary. Try to build books reading habit. Specially read general knowledge books. Buy a book on psychological test and solve its all exercises. All these activities will improve your IQ level too. Remember that students with good IQ and EQ level can easily join Pak Army. So you must learn the difference between IQ & EQ level as mental stiffness, situation handling ability and self confidence is also required to join Pak army.

Join Pak Army

How To Join Pak Army? Super Tips

You must be aware of the format and pattern of preliminary, Psychological and ISSB tests. For this purpose buy the preparation guide or search on net. Never underestimate the importance of Pak Studies and Islamic Studies. You communication skills will also be examined in ISSB test so try to improve your both verbal and written communication skills. Join a gym for taking exercise regularly and take part in different sports. Just academic excellence is not enough for making your dream a reality. Pak Army recruits all rounder or multidimensional candidates.

Take active part in speech competitions and group discussions in your class. Spend at least 2 hour in your school or college library. Read daily newspapers, military and current affairs journals. Use online resources for preparation. Just studying one or two general knowledge books is not enough for proper preparation. Reading books should be your hobby. So try to read maximum books on general knowledge, military history, every day science, Pakistan Studies, Islamic Studies, IQ test, Psychological tests, interview preparation, essay writing, ISSB preparation etc.

Read English newspapers and watch English news channels and even change your movie watching taste. Hollywood movies will improve your English speaking and listening skills. Spend your pocket money for buying books on diverse topics but useful subjects. Although, the instructions on this page have been given for joining Pakistan army but these tips will help you a lot in competitive exams too. If you feel that our article category has best articles on solutions of your problems then visit us daily for guidance about your all study and career related problems. Otherwise choice is yours. Wish you best of luck for your military career.

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