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How to Join Punjab Police as ASI & SI? Super Tips

How to Join Punjab Police as SI (Sub Inspector) & ASI (Assistant Sub Inspector)? Golden Tips
No doubt that police department of Pakistan is categorized out to be one of the most reputable and well known departments in Pakistan. For the last so many years, police department has bring about so much of advancement and development in regard of keeping the roads, streets, civilians of Pakistan safe and sound. Police department of Pakistan has reduced a lot of number of crimes and also target killings. This is for the main reason that being the part of police department, it is taken as a prestigious factor by each person. Each single young generation wants to be the part of either army or police department so that they can serve their nation. But the main point is that what sort of criteria has to be followed up! In this article, we will be discussing about the process where you can put together some tips to join Punjab police department as ASI and SI. ASI stands for assistant sub inspector and SI stands for sub inspector.

Information About Selection Process and Recruitment of ASI
ASI is the abbreviation of assistant sub inspector. The selection of applicants applying for the post of ASI post is carried under the supervision of the Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC. The selection process is all underwent through the written test as well as interview and then with the medical test all along with the training too. First candidates have to clear PPSC test.

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How to Join Punjab Police as ASI & SI? Super Tips

Main Requirements to Join Punjab Police as ASI
Applicant should be having education of at least intermediate with the second division.
Height of the candidate should be at least 5 feet 6 inches.
Age of the applicant should be in between 18-25 years old.
Information About Selection Process of SI Sub Inspector
In order to be on post of SI, applicant should be having basic education up to the level of intermediate or bachelor level. You have to pass yourself through the written test as well as physical test. This will take you to the level of the interview that will decide your allotment. All applicants will be interviewed by police recruitment department or Public Service Commission. Selected applicants will be appointed on the job by getting a letter confirmation and will be send to 1 month of training.

What to Prepare For SI and ASI Jobs in Punjab Police
You need to improve your general knowledge about Everyday Science, Arithmetics, Pakistan Affairs, Urdu Literature, Islamic Studies, English and the police department its self. Start your preparation with famous book Who is who and what is what. Many publishers have published this book. You should buy its latest addition from a reputed publisher. You need to visit our online testing website too for online preparation of ASI and SI jobs in Punjab Police.
So this was the complete information about the process to join Punjab Police as ASI and SI. If you think you have the ability and strength to serve your country Pakistan and your nation, then be the part of this department sector right now.