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Creative writing is not a natural talent at all except some exceptional cases. Evey one can acquire it but it requires some hard work. First of all you must have enough knowledge about the subject on which you want to write some thing. A best creative writer can not write even a page on a subject about which he don’t have enough material. So if you want to become a creative writer than improve your general knowledge about every thing. Read books and articles on every topic.


Observations also plays an important role in creative writing so improve your observations. And keenly observe every thing.

Practice makes a man perfect so write articles on every topic and consult your seniors and teacher for correction of your mistakes. Don’t fear with expected mistakes as to err is human and man learns from his mistakes. Every mistake is very important for you as it will bring perfection in your future writings. So take mistakes as your friends or teachers they identify your weak points which you can resolve as right diagnosis is a half cure.

Confidence is also very vital factor for creative writing. So try to improve your confidence by sending your articles, short stories etc to different newspapers, magazines and websites. If your article will publish it will boost your confidence level.

Never learn by heart any thing in your school and college and try to understand the main theme of every question. This practice will improve your creative writing skill as well as your marks in exams. Take part in debate and discussions in school. In spite of wasting time on social media websites, read informative articles on web or watch such TV shows or clips. Start writing personal diary. Make your own library and read the fiction of classical and modern great writers. At least read different material for two hours daily.

In the beginning writes in your mother tongue and after gaining some perfection in your creative writing skill try to write in other languages. If you want to become a fiction writer then you will have to master the grammar of your preferred language. But for a general writer you must be able to communicate your message easily. In general writing your material counts more than your language skill. Join the groups of creative writers on internet for taking first hand advice. Start a blog for posting your literary work. Learn the art of blogging which is very easy and it will be very helpful for you as it is the easiest way of exploring your hidden talent.

You can also make free blog on word press and blogger. Or share it on social media websites for getting feed back. Don’t be afraid of criticism as positive criticism will be helpful for you for thinking out side the box. Attend the creative writing workshops and participate in creative writing competitions. Your commitment with creative writing will definitely make you a unique writer.  Stay in touch with your own portal and its face book page for having guidance about acquiring different skills.

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