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How To Lose Weight Fast? Unique Weight Loss Tips in Urdu & English

New Techniques & Research Tips on Weight Loss in English & Urdu Languages
In this page we shall share some unique weight loss tips. It is true that almost 70% of the people living in this world, they face obesity issues. Their weight figures are quite high. Many people look for the natural and home remedies so that they can decrease their weight. Other individuals hunt for different set of therapies. Note there are two hormones which play an important role in bringing weight to your body and decreasing them at the same time. They are leptin and ghrelin. If these hormones will remain stable, then your weight will also remain stable. One hormone is called as hunger hormone and the other one is called as anti obesity hormone. Check out their details from this page and see how you can see reduction of fats in your body:

Increase in Weight Might be Because of Genes
It can be believed that increase in weight is because of the genetic factors. But it is you also who shape your own body. If you will not look after it, then your body mass will only be getting increased. We have seen people who eat so much and do exercise, they remain fit. At the same time, those people who eat less and they do not do exercise, still they gain weight. So you have to understand your body. You should know that which food increases your weight and which get suit to your body.

Leptin Therapy for Dealing Obesity
In order to deal with this obesity issue, people go for this leptin therapy. This is a hormone which is called with the name of anti obesity hormone. This hormone is usually secreted by the fat cells. It regulates your body weight. This hormone has a profound and strong impact on your body. The amount of leptin receptors should remain balanced in your body. If they will get disturbed, then your body will start gaining weight. This hormone inhibit your hunger level. It balances your energy and stamina levels. High amount of energy will remain stored in your body and you will not feel hungry. This hormone will disappear satiety in you.

Decrease Your Ghrelin Level
The other way to lose your weight, you should decrease your ghrelin level. This is the hunger hormone present in your body. It is also called with the name of lenomorelin INN. Note that this is a peptide hormone which is mainly produced by these ghrelinergic cells. It is in the gastrointestinal tract that this hormone is produced. This hormone has a capacity to reculate your appetite level. It regulates and balance the distribution of energy in your body. When your stomach will be empty, then this ghrelin hormone will start to secrete. As soon as your stomach will start to stretch, then this secretion process will be stopped.

This is technically how you can reduce and balance your weight section. Let us know which efforts you put up to maintain your body! Make sure that you do maintain these two hormones in your body so that your body can remain in excellent shape. Here below we have given some links and Urdu article on weight loss tips.

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How To Lose Weight Fast? Unique Weight Loss Tips in Urdu & English

How To Lose Weight Fast? Unique Weight Loss Tips in Urdu & English