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How To Make Friends? Top Ten Super Tips

Self Help – How To Make Friends? Top 10 Golden Tips
Today in our self help article we shall discuss how to make friends. Making friends is an art and we shall share top ten super tips with you about mastering this unique art. Hopefully you will like this self help article about how to make friends.

1-Listen More & Speak Less
Every one want to speak more and listen less, so be a good listener. People should not feel that you are not listening them attentively. Never criticize other at least in a gathering. Your manners in a gathering will leave long lasting effects on others. Never react immediately on some odd remarks by others.

2-Appreciate Others
Its the best tip for making friends. All human beings love to be praised. Learn the difference between flattering and praising.┬áDon’t be jealous with others. Try to feel pleasure from the core of your heart on the success of other. Appreciate them when it is needed.

3-Get Some Unique Skills
You must have some unique talent to attract the others. No body pay attention towards a boring and useless person. We are living in a materialistic world and every one wants to make friends who will be helpful for him in future. No only get some unique skill but also express it before others as talent never goes unappreciated.

4-Don’t Search Best Friend Rather Try To Become an Ideal Friend
No one is the ideal under the sky, so try to neglect the bad habits of others. In spite of searching an ideal friend, try to prove yourself a best friend.

How To Make Friends

How To Make Friends? Top Ten Super Tips

5-Be Extrovert
Introvert person can not impress any one. Neither he takes interests in other nor he expresses his talent, so dear friends be extrovert. You should have a light smile on your face. Become the member of maximum social organizations and websites. Take time to them too.

6-Avoid Egoism
I have already explained that superiority complex is the worst form of inferiority complex, so avoid egoism. Egoist person is hated by everyone and a down to earth person is liked by every one. If you are rich today, there is no guarantee that situation will remain the same tomorrow, so please, please never hurt the ego of others.

7-Give Out Put
Help others without and expectation from them. Its the best strategy for making friends. Give small gifts to people on special occasions of their lives. At least send greeting cards. Not only attend social meetings but also invite people in get-together at your home. Always remain sincere with everyone. It should be goal of your life to help others. You must allocate at least 10% percent of you pocket money or income for helping others.

8-Be Approachable & Reliable
People should feel that you are a approachable for them any time. Share your contact details with people whom you want to make friends. Add them in your social accounts like facebook. Reply their messages and calls and try to be helpful for them.

9-Be A Good Adviser
Always give advice to others with full sincerity. Listen the problem f others attentively and do your best to solve it. Always give give honest and upfront advice. People rely a lot on a sincere and good adviser. Never misguide anyone as i have already explained ┬áthat newton’s third law of motion is also applied on human beings.

10-Stay in Touch
Stay in touch with people. Attend social gatherings and participate in mutual discussions. Send greeting messages to people on festivals and other important events. Spend your spare time and weekend with friends. is also your best friend so visit it and its facebook page daily for more self help tips about how to make friends.