How To Make Money Through Instagram in Pakistan & India? Super Tips

How To Earn Money From in Pakistan & India? Tips & Tricks
Have you been thinking about making handsome amount of basic money as through the platform of Instagram? If yes, then make sure that you are already having a high number of account followers in your account with an extra engagement of rate. Having an excellent engagement rate probably gives you a chance in which you can earn handsome amount of money as well. Right in this blog post we will be letting you know about the easy approaches with which you can get an idea about how you can make money through the platform of Instagram in the Pakistan or India.



Well there have been so many ways with which you will be able to make handsome money on the Instagram out of which we are about to discuss right few methods for you below. For few people it might be intricate, but we are sure that with this blog post this idea would not be a myth for you at all.



How To Make Money Through Instagram in Pakistan & India? Super Tips

Different methods to make money through Instagram
By sponsoring the posts
Through Affiliate Marketing
Selling any Product
Shout out process
Selling the Instagram Account
Making Online Store


Method no 1: Through sponsoring various posts
This has been probably one of the best and yet the fastest ways with the help of which you will be able to make handsome money on the Instagram platform. But if you have been thinking about publishing the sponsored posts, then make sure that you do follow the basic requirements firsthand. You should be having maximum 100k Followers as in your account. This means that you need to have at least 1 Lac high Followers right on the Instagram account.


In addition you should have your account to be connected with the business oriented concept i.e. this can be either a clothing brand or some shopping store. You can later on use the account for the sake of promoting your brand. It is yet not important to have just 100k followers, hence overall this huge number is quite impressive to use.



Method no 2: By Affiliate based Marketing:
Another most common method has been about the affiliate marketing. This has been taken yet the most basic and common methods which you can use for the monetization of the Instagram. This method will allow you to pick specific items from few sites in which we have MaxBounty as well as Peerfly and CPALead. You just need to like the site and then paste the specific link of any product which you are considering to hence promote on that page. CPA will be paying you in case if any of the user will be buying or perform any sort of activity just like signing up or submitting any email.



Method no 3: By Selling any Product:
Right into this whole scenario, you will be selling the product to all your acquired followers. That specific product will be hosted by the side of your main site. There are few basic pointers which you need to keep in your mind. You just be conscious about selling those such product which are related with your niche within the page of Instagram. Most of the people are not curious about buying the items or the services from the Instagram platform. In that case the only solution would be to serve them with the services which won’t be letting them to spend extra money. This can be free service.



Method No 4: Shout out best method:
This has been another one of the most effective methods which will enable you to make handsome amount of money on the Instagram. You just need to look for the people that are in the state of offering the basic services as in view with this method. As we define the shout out method, it is all about a form of post which you will be publishing by highlighting the name of company or the product. You also need to mention the covered profile of person or company as well. The company will be paying you for the process of shout out for increasing their followers. You should keep a complete record of the followers before the shout out and even after the completion of shout out.



Method no 5: Selling Instagram Account:
On the next we will be discussing about the method related with the selling of Instagram account! You can look for some account on Instagram that is having at least 40K followers. You can earn handsome money all through the CPA as well as with the way of some sponsored posts. But at the end of the day the fact will be same that is about the value of offer you have been giving to the advertisers.


There might be some page admins who will put you into the scam by letting you believe in them that you can earn money. But they will not be providing you with the real page of Instagram. So make sure that the page you have selected or you are about to sell is real and is based on real owner name. You should not sell any account that is fake and is not legal.



Method no 6: Making an Online Store:
Last on the list we will be mentioning about making own online store! Hence if you are having a follower timeline that is around 1 million, in that case you can easily think about making your own dream online store as well. You should create a store which is according to the latest trends and based on the concept which is a lot in demand among the public.



So this is the end of discussion in which we have mentioned some of the basic ways with which you will be able to get an idea that how you can earn handsome money on Instagram. All the methods are quite simple and are probably different from one another. You just need to have a strong skill and get a complete guidance about using each one of them!


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