How To Read Body Language? Super Tips in Urdu

Self Help-How To Understand The Body Language? Golden Tips in Urdu Language
Body Language is a silent language through which we can guess the personality traits and inner thinking of others. Lawyers, marketing experts, teachers, businessmen, police officers and professionals of many other fields must learn the are of reading body language. Our body often does not obey our mind due to different phobias and inner fears. Due to inner fear of being wrong and due to guilty mind it does not liaison with our mind.
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How To Read Body Language? Super Tips in Urdu

Experts of body language and psychologists can easily read the mind of a person through his body language. Only strong mentally people can hide their real inner feelings from others. As per recent research conducted in University of California USA, the role of words in our communication is just 7%, 38% of communication depends upon our tone of speaking and 55 communication depends upon body language. So it is necessary for all of us to learn the art of reading body language for understanding our kid, business parter, boss, student, life partner and subordinate. If you want to hide your inner feelings from others then again you must try to understand the basics of this useful art. Its not hard at all to master this art. Just will and concentration are required for it.

Unfortunately vary rare material in Urdu is available about controlling the body language and reading it. Our research team whenever finds a useful article in any Urdu book or newspaper, we immediately try to share it with our readers. Few days before daily Dunya published an article on “How to read body language?”. We have reproduced this Urdu article below this page with thanks to daily Dunya. This article will help you in mastering the art of reading the minds of others. Stay connected with best website on Internet (i,e and its facebook page for reading Urdu articles on different useful topics.

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